Tanners on Tanning Tables should be able to use Stitch & Weave

Right now, the best type of thrall to place on a Tanning Table is an Armorer, as from T1 on up they have access to the Stitch (4 Hides + Twine -> Thick Hide) and Weave (2 Gossamer -> Silk) recipes. Tanners should also have these recipes; the fact that Armorers do instead of Tanners is more likely a function of Tanneries being non-recipe-based benches and Armorer’s Benches being recipe-based. Now that Tanners have a recipe-based bench as well, it if anything makes more sense for them to have these recipes than Armorers…


To be honest, I’m not even sure why these recipes require thralls at all now. Most of the Thrall exclusive recipes have just been added to the new tables. Why not just get rid of the whole concept of thrall unique recipes and put the remaining few right into the standard recipe list. Especially when it comes to recipes that are simply processing one ingredient into another?

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I guess when sipta come fully live it will come plenty of new thrall unique recipes.

I don’t disagree that having these particular recipes as thrall-specific seems off, especially since they are available with an Armorer I - but some of the high-tier thrall-specific recipes make sense. I.e., legendary repair kits. Less so black and white dye, various exotic foods, etc. but there’s some justification for those, I suppose…

Yes and that give us a reason to keep colecting, like the old armor thralls, the rest of the thralls you only needed one and you had it al. Same whit the realy old thralls that had a big variation on ther lock and armors to colect, was always a reasom to come back to cityhubbs back then.

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