Silk production on Armorers Bench

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Have normal, improved and the new high level armorer stations. From what I have read with an armorer in the station I should be able to produce silk. Yet silk does not come up as a commodity to be made, I have the gossamaer and level 2 and 3 armorer thralls in my stations. Anyone, what am I doing wrong? Is there a certain armor type I needed to grab from feats?

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  1. Any armorer station
  2. With Armor Thrall on station
  3. Insert Gossamer
  4. Silk does not appear as commodity to be made

You need to put an armorer on the tanners bench to convert gossamer to silk now.


What is bugged, NORferm? It works for me with an armorer in the tanner’s table.

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Learn to read an open your own bug report?

Op has a problem not finding the recipe, we replied that it was moved to a different station.

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Allowing the tanners to craft these recipes as well has been posted as a suggestion for the devs to consider:

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Hey there,

As of the time of this writing, this is working as intended.
Please keep t civil.

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