Is it me or silk is no more craftable in any workbench ? (don’t work in tanner table, armorer, improved armored, campaign armorer), can only be crafted by by hand ( ratio 2:1)

by the way new economy change has greatly increased the cost for a god bubble, you now need more silk to craft item that generate zeal, and u you need more hide to do padding. yes you can now generate 20 zeal in burning religious recipe, but hum those stuffs are only dropped by archpriest, and hum to find 25 arch priest in 2 day to activate a bubble is a little bit unbalanced and unrealistic. i can understand that it’s wanted to make it harder to create a god, but i cannot understand that you make it harder to have a god bubble that is a defense system. as it have been suggested for very long time several time, you should consider to lower the zeal required to activate a bubble, and keep it as it is for creating god.

Silk is crafted at the Tanner’s Table. Along with Hardened Leather and twine. I think you’ll need a good thrall to make it.

New Economy:
New Tanner’s Table: This crafting station has received all of the silk, hide and leather manipulation recipes formerly present in the armorer’s bench.

tried with tanner 3, tanner 4 and tanner from purge but no recipe for silk at tanner table, have you done the test recently do you see silk ? was working a little bit than one week ago, but actually no more recipe.

You have to use an armorer. In my opinion a tanner should also work but it currently doesn’t.

ok thanks so much will try so armorer in tanner table… hum yes should work with tanner…

Can confirm seems to be no gossamer to silk production in the tanners bench :slight_smile: Has the layered though.
Tested in admin mode (cos Im lazy), Singleplayer, PVE (maybe depends what it defaults to on a new game), No mods (cleared mod list before testing).

LOL you got in before me! So armourer works then? =D

Yes, you’ll need an armorer , as in the past silk was only done by having an armorer in the armorer workbench , they must have done it this way to keep a minimum of consistency with what we had before . But yes indeed it’s a bit hard to guess at first !

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lol its works with armorer on tanner table but ratio cost is still 2 to 1, same than hand crafted, i cannot believe it…

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Yeah the benefits of thralls was moved to benches instead but some benches don’t have the higher tier benches that give the cost reduction :slight_smile: Thralls in a bench still give the speed though at least xD

Did they at least let the farm of the silk as it was? Because skining spiders gives you endless gossamer, taking a walk for the executioners axe and come out with plenty gossamer too :wink:.

think that has not changed, but now try to do a god bubble every 2 days, you need an incredible amount of sillk and hide and twine for padding which mean a solo player can no more do a god bubble to try to protect his base.

depending on which religion you have , you don’t need to make the clothes to get zeal , you can also farm 500 humans ( if you take exiles camp & darfaris , this can be done pretty quickly ) wich in my opinion is much funnier than farming twine and silk for paddings . Anyway I am not telling you how to play since we all have our “routines” , it just a mere suggestion that there may be a more “fun” way to achieve the same goal :wink:

euh sorry but all religion need to kill 500 npc, after depending of religion it can be addition of clothes or potion. ie derketo either you go for clothes or freedom potion, in this case you will need to harvest 5000 insect and 500 npc , and craft several hours withs insect that decay in 9mn ? only yogg require to kill only npc.

do you think it is balanced to have this handicap for all others religons with incredible amount of additional material needed. and do you think it’s possible for a solo player to farm to this incredible amount every 2 days (at exception of yog where you will have to kill only npc)

not only Yogg , but Mitra , and set (if you do the potions ) only require the “flesh/soul/heart” to produce 1 zeal , of course derketo is the hardest one of all , because for 1 you need or insects or paddings , and the fact that a T4 derketo priest ( unless you build in a purge zone that may spawn one ) is THE hardest T4 priest to obtain (at least on Exiles land) in the world since it’s the one with the lowest precentage of spawning . Ymir is also a bit more tedious since you need feathers / branches for the arrows or ice , but it’s nothing as tedious as derketo , on the bright side you can learn for free all the religion if you find the “teachers” ( except jebhal sagg that will cost you to do a beautifull dungeon :wink: ) , after it’s a matter of collecting some power fragments to get all the feat points required to unlock religion to T3 .

I also chose Derketo as a starter religion , and quickly understood that it’s the least easy of all , but some people chose Crom and have 0 religion , so it depends on your choices some people like it the hard way …

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thanks so much for the reminder, yes you are right, but its an very old apex base i have, and it’s protected by derketo, will be very complex for me to redesign all, before economy update was managable to do bubble, now it’s no more managable with derketo :frowning: question to dev, is why, what is the point :slight_smile:

and it just remind methat very long ago derketo was easy with oil, why this base has a derketo

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Solo pvp is difficult, especially in official servers. I can see why you are complaining, the time is short and you have one million things to do alone. I really wish to you to find a team :wink:.

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