Missing craftable materials from new benches

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]

Some craftable materials are not available at the new “T3” benches requiring to have both the old “T2” bench and the new one which does make zero sense (ie insulated wood, iron reinforcements).

Please fix this ASAP as it makes crafting a real pain.

Layered silk & fur are crafted in the tanner’s table (new bench) after unlocking exile epics (level 60 armors).

For the rest, it is marked as known issue in the patch notes.

Narelle… Thank you for your answer but… if you read my post I mentioned that I DID try the tanner’s table, new and old benches, with or without thralls. Despite the obvious description in the exile epics referring to the xx_tanners_table, crafting the layered silk and fur is not an option.
If you can, please send me a video of how you do that so that I can see what I am missing.
Thanks again

Sure, let me record one :slight_smile:

@Erfo Here you go (I am sorry for the clicking, I didn’t realize that I am recording with sound):


Thanks mate, as a matter of fact I was missing the “table” itself… kinda dumb.
Let me update this thread as the rest of it still stands.

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For the rest, it is marked as known issue in the patch notes

What does this mean? That i can’t produce insulated wood untill they manage to push a patch? It’s quite hard to progress in the game without a common material like that.

You can craft it in the normal or improved carpenter’s bench for the time being until the patch is released.


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