No insulated wood anywhere

does anyone else have this problem? is in the new bench? im lvl 55 and was hoping to make all the new benches but the blacksmiths require insulated wich i cant get in any carpenter table

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thank you

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Improved carpenter’s bench has insulated wood.

I can’t find where to craft sturdy string. Is this one of the missing recipes? Is there a list somewhere?

Maybe a stupid question, but have you unlocked the tier 2 building?

Not a stupid question at all. But yes, Ive unlocked all the things. I can’t find sturdy string in any of the benches since the new patch.
I’ve checked artisan table, carpenter, tinkerer… personal inventory crafting list, etc.
I could be looking right past it. Which bench is that item found in your game?

Just checked and I can craft both insulated wood and sturdy string in the old Improved Carpenter’s bench :slight_smile:

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I saw a string in the Improved Carpenter’s Bench as well.


Thanks! So we need BOTH the old bench AND the new larger versions?
We’re gonna need a bigger boat… er uh base.
Please tell me this is an oversight and NOT “working as intended.”


It is an oversight apparently, but dont blow up your old workstations just yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha. Too late, Doh!

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