Carpenter's Benches

TestLive (#252671/26796)
Single player
No mods

The precision and trade carpenter benches seem to be missing the following:
Insulated wood
Shaped wood
Sturdy string
Weapon handle
Thrall pot
non-epic bows

All recipes are available on improved carpenter’s bench and carpenter’s bench.

For those interested here are shaved bark numbers i got:
Carpenter’s Bench: 10 wood/10s
Improved Carpenter’s Bench: 7 wood/6.5s
Trade Carpenter’s Bench: 10 wood/3s
Precision Carpenter’s Bench: 5 wood/10s

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Blacksmiths are the same so I suspect this is an intentional change.

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Still missing some recipes after the hotfix (23.10.2020).

  • Insulated Wood
  • Sturdy String
  • Weapon Handle
  • Ancient Bow
  • Hyrkanian Bow
  • Light Hyrkanian Bow

Some non-epic bows show up in T3 bench and some don’t, so I’m not sure what the intention is. For the DLCs I could test, the epic versions of Turan and Poitain Bows show up in T3 but their regular versions only show up in the lower tier benches.

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Chiming in to say I found the same issue. Thank you!

Hey there,

This is an issue that has been fixed internally. It will come out as either part of the final 2.1 patch, or as an upcoming hotfix to it.
Thanks for the feedback.

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