No items in new benches to craft

Hi, with new update i can’t craft anything almost.
T3 Armorer’s Bench - i can craft only a sandstorm mask.
T3 Blacksmith’s Bench - i can’t craft any DLC weapons, and can’t craft iron reinforcements.
T3 Carpenter’s Bench - i can’t craft insulated wood, ladder, and any of bows (DLC or not).

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Europe]

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Some material recipes are missing in the T3 benches (insulated wood, etc) but I see the DLC items (armors, weapons, bows). Can you please post some screenshots? Have you learnt the feats?

Yeap, noticed today that the craft is completely missing a bowstring, a handle for a weapon. You cannot craft shields as there are no frames. In general, all high-level weapons and shields cannot be crafted.

All these can be found in the improved T2 benches until we get a word what is intended and what not. For the time being we only know:

Currently Known Issues

  • Some recipes are not showing up in certain specialized benches (i.e. Insulated Wood and Shaped Wood in Carpenter benches). This has been fixed internally and will be released as a part of an upcoming hotfix.
  • T4 Specialized crafters produce crafted equipment of a lesser expected value than older equivalents. This issue has been fixed internally and will be released as a part of an upcoming hotfix.
  • Placement boxes for crafting stations are not final and will be adjusted.
  • We are looking at adjusting the balance for the crafting station bonuses (speed/craft multipliers) based on feedback.

Not true, Insulated Wood does exist on the previous workbench, but the weapon handle is not on any of them.

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You’re right, I was looking at the wrong character, epic weapons were not studied.

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And at least on my server a player complaining about the lack of recipes had one of the filters active… :joy:

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