Precision Carpenter's Bench doesn't make Insulated wood

Ok, just like in the threat I’ve made about Garrison Blacksmith bench not being able to craft reinforcements, Precision Carpenter’s Bench doesn’t offer an option to craft Insulated wood.

These crafting stations cost a ton of resources and take a lot of space… why can’t they do what simple crafting stations do? Fix this asap please

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The don’t make everything they should, and they take up a ridiculous amount of space. This type of update should have been at siptah launch, not almost 2 months in. Bases require major renos now. What a headache.


Phew, I was afraid it’s by design

They should not have released this from test servers to official servers before this was fixed. Why on earth did they publish something they knew was broken? Did they think we’d enjoy it? Players were not chomping at the bit waiting for this update to any degree that would warrant publishing something that’s broken with promises of fixing it at a later date. But we are chomping at the bit now that so many things are broken!

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So if this if fixed why is it not pushed out, we can not even make the new benches with no insulated wood, how long before this hot fix, next week or what, at moment many can not even make the new benches for a bug you know and say is fixed. So frustrating as you knew when this was on test live it was broken many reported it.

I was chomping at the bit to play with the new crafting stations, which is why I’m both puzzled and disappointed that they pushed the patch to live while the recipes for those stations are broken. I feel like a kid who asks mom whether the pizza is done yet and gets half-cooked pizza…


But from the sounds of it, you weren’t chomping to the extent that it warranted shipping a product that was broken. It’s customer service 101. It’s harder to please someone you sold a bucket to that had a big hole in the bottom, than it is to please someone waiting for you to deliver a working bucket.

Yep. Sorry, I was agreeing with you, and trying to say that they disappointed even those of us who were chomping at the bit.

I’m sure they’ll fix all the most important bugs soon, but it’s really frustrating to have them in the first place. And it’s even more frustrating when you realize that the weekend is about to start, and they most likely won’t release a hotfix for these bugs today, so we’ll be stuck with broken crafting stations over the weekend.

I guess I’ll just spend that time stocking up on hardened steel and doing other “Conan chores”, instead of doing what I would really like…


The workaround is to keep the old T2 improved carpenter bench.

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I just built a t2 carpenter bench , nope not in there either.

This is a screenshot from the Improved Carpenter Bench i just built
Improved Carpenter's Bench

Search your feats for insul. My suspicions are that the feat is not enabled for some reason.



While I know the multiple crafting stations were made to divide recipes and recipes were shuffled around, I also know by modding and hosting a local server that it is presenting some problems.

If you look at the log of a server, in some instances it shows a message when the userdata is being loaded saying “XXXX recipe cannot be learned this way”…

Only because I know that that I went on to fix the problem by resetting the feats and adding them again, because the change was somehow problematic for characters that were created before the change, and have been bearing these feats from a long time.

As I have currently 4 steam siptah accounts to play around my machines here with my friends and to test mods, I know that it causes some players to simply not have the recipe even if they have the feat, “for some reason” (the reason I know, it is because the data was not translated to take into consideration characters that needed their base data changed, and instead the updates were a simple change and replace).

That is also why the update caused a lot of problems with persistence data.

So while I understand why someone would blame the lack of attention of a player, that might not be the case for some.

So, is there something I can do to make insulated wood if I have the feat, but cannot currently see the recipe in the station?

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Just use the older bench


Hey there,

This is a know issue and it will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
Thanks for the feedback.

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