Tiered workstations

Ok, I keep seeing that to make thick leather I need a tier 2 tanner’s table, but when I try to look up how to get tier 2 I get nothing but information on thralls and no explanation. I am playing on the isle of Septah expansion and when I use the interactive map to find thick leather it aims me at bosses I can’t fathomably take on with medium armor and steel weapons- yet to upgrade my armor I need thick leather.

I look up how to get tier 2 thralls, and I get “take on a storm”- again… how? With the gear I have, I can’t take on the bats, let alone an army of thralls…

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Hey there , Thick leather is produced with thick hide that you put in a tannery to ransform the hide into leather . thick hide will be harvestable on elehphants / rhinos and all "big annimals that are supposed to have thick skin " .

on the other hand Hardened leather , is indeed produced on a tanners table .

I finally found something that isn’t a boss level that I can harvest thick hide from. :slight_smile:
unfortunately I have to travel nearly half the isle to get to it. It’s going to be a pain in the butt- and its the only resource I couldn’t seem to locate on the southeastern corner which is where I chose to start. Thanks for the input!

Bear pelt will also produce thick leather I think. I don’t remember for sure but I think there’s bears on that side of the island, so you might give that a try.

Welcome to the community , you can find great amounts of thick leather steel , steel weapons and other precious things in the chests on the camps all around the beach . Aim for small camps west and east . For example I spawn North West and I have a pirate camp next to me full of chests and crates with outstanding loot , I loot them in the beginning every one hour and I had mats and weapons beyond my crafting skills . Finally leagues are very easy to kill and they give thick leather as well .

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Gorillas in the East have thick hide. :wink:

Thank’s everyone! I managed to get it all- now I’m just sulking over how poorly thought out horses were for those of us with poor motor skill functions and poor multi-tasking functions. :confused:

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