No Tanners Table?!?!?!

Ive been playing Conan for awhile but stopped in September (I was moving at the time i stopped), meaning now ive jumped back in i started from the beginning again. Ive updated my game and figured out most of what’s changed, such as animal thrills and crafting etc. I have a physical copy of the game rather than downloading it from the ps4 online store

Anyway enough background.

Im at the stage in my game where I really need to craft hardened Leather but my problem comes with i camt find the Tanner Table. Ive looked everywhere and discovered it should be in my handicrafting menu, but its not there.

Is there a way to fix this, is this a problem for people with hard copies of the game. Or is it there and im jisy bieng dumb and i need to unlock a new feat.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can provide.

Hi Atlanta, welcome to the forums.
The updates regarding the Isle of siptah expansion are not yet available in consoles, and it’s expected to be ready for ps4 and xbox1 players early next year.

That only does thick leather. Hardened leather is different. I need it for horse saddles, armour etc

So i still have the dilemma of having plenty of thick leather and leather, but no means to make hardened leather

A friend from another clan brought me some so ill try working out the issue later. Thanks for the help anyway :hugs:

My bad, i thought you were talking about thick leather, Hardened leather requires a bit more, glad you figured out.

hey there , just so you know you need the impoved armorer bench to be able to make hardened leather ( as said before the updates for new benches are for pc only at the moment ) all the receipes tied to new benches , are still made the "old way " on console . there must be plenty of video on youtube ( if you look the ones that are at least 3 weeks old ) that may guide you through the various receipes of the conan world :wink:


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