Lost access to Conan sword?

So I own the day 1 disc edition and as such have always have access to the bonus Conan sword. When the last update with the Isle came up, I downloaded this and started a brand new game in the Exile lands, but the option to craft the sword is gone.
Is this normal…? Or did I forget where it was? It was in the player crafting menu as I recall. Thanks

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I believe they fixed this, but it is 9n the new 2.5 patch. PS4 is probably a month at least from this fix.

Check the improved smithy bench. It was moved.


As @Lucidique said it has been moved to blacksmiths benches really through me at first. Made one each for my wife and I yesterday on a Siptah server very handy at low level. Liked it better when could be crafted in inventory. I just checked takes iron bar and shaped wood originally I believe it was branches for base model perhaps it was thought an advantage at level ten.

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So the improved blacksmith bench? Ok, thank you. I would only have the standard one now, so that explains this.

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I have the iron version in standard blacksmiths bench with no blacksmith.

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Got wrong image.

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Aye, I was like, why is he showing me that? :joy:

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Can not load screen shot now

Yes that was to send a friend some info on his server settings he is new to setup 720 over population clean up? Doubt there is that many thralls on the server

I didn’t get it downloaded.

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