Crafting now on ps4?

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I would like to know…
The wiki, for what I can see is already updated for The new map. And we know is not available to consoles yet. How the hell we can get help from there to craft? Because almost everything is different. I’m saying that because I trying to see about the proud of Aesir armor and them I realize, everything on the official wiki is already updated! Not fair!

And I already know, Funcom don’t will do nothing as usual, but someone here can help, in where I can find a good place to help on this? And please don’t say YouTube, I really don’t want to watch a 476543578 minutes video for simple stuff, I mean, looking for proper web site or another forum…


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Are you looking for the pride of Aesir Armor Recipe?
DM me and i may be able to give you hints or full blown spoiler.

This is a really good video. Short and concise,


The volunteers who update the wiki on their own time announced a few weeks ago that old Conan-Exiles information would not be relevant. It is the only way they can keep up with all the new changes in game. @rocmed


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