Teach Me The Basics

So i’m stuck at an improved armors bench and i keep hearing about this campaign and or garrison armors bench, how do i get those? Also can someone explain how and where i craft the tinkerers bench? I dont see it under feats.

That’s on the new map currently available on pc it’s not on consoles yet from what I know it should be out on console during the first quarter of next year


Ahhhh okay, i kept hearing looking all over the place for it, that cleared alot, thanks!

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@Vinson25U a large part of what is being posted on wikipedia is now relevant to Conan-Exiles PC version and Sipath One of the people who edit wiki mentioned it a couple days ago.

The game is going to change a lot once it hits consoles. As a word of advise, those new benches takes a lot of space and you will need to build a bigger base if you want to store them all inside.
They are not needed to craft high tier items though, but they make things faster (campaign) or with less resources (garrison).

They are in both maps on PC


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