Stretching thick hide

so we can stretch thick hide into regular hide in our inventories, but not in the armor bench, yet the armor bench can strip the hides. why cant we just do that in the armor bench? or the tannery to take advantage of the speed bonus from having a thrall, and convinience of not having my crafting que with like 200 of those going on

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Interesting. I had no idea anyone actually stretched their hides.
In that case, I agree. Put it on the armorer’s bench!

Because stretching thick hide into light one has to be an exception, and not something you do on the regular basis. AFAIK thick hide is scarce and time consuming to farm, so converting it to light hide is like pressing rotten meat for ichor.

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why does it being scarce mean you absolutely must do it in your own inventory? and in the area of the highlands im in, its really easy to farm bears, you get more hide from bears, AND their hide turns into two hides. so id rather just farm them

I don’t see how this is relevant.
But lets say it is… If it were done on an armorer’s bench, you probably would do it less often. But since it’s done in the inventory, you can do it at any time, anywhere.

And thick hides really aren’t scarce at all.

ExNihiloish is correct, any elephant, mammoth, rhino, (I think) will give you thick hide.

Yeah. Bears too.
And also frost giants. Not sure what else. Maybe dragons.
Oh yeah, gorillas do too. That’s an easy source of thick hide at low levels.

They aren’t easy to defeat mind you, so there you are. Well relatively not easy…

Off topic, thanks for the idea, I live near gorilla’s and making thick hide could provide a ton of extra tar for me. Now if I could just find a faster way to get bark.

Farm large settlements for bark, such as The Black Galleon, The Den or New Asagarth. I typically get a couple stacks from just clearing one once. The artisans and chests have a lot.

Also, use an upgraded pick on dried trees in the desert. There are a few areas with a lot of them that’ll net you a few hundred pretty quickly.

I’m in the jungle, at the far end right under the pagoda of lust or whatever its called. I stay out of the desert on my server as between the lag created from large player structures and the fact that there’s at least 3 kill on sight raiding clans I’d rather harvest from the jungle trees.

I was thinking more along the lines of how you can get extra tar by putting coal in the press. Perhaps putting wood in the grinder or being able to use different fuel other than bark on the tanning rack such as branches or dried wood.

There’s not even enough coal in the jungle to bypass using tanning for tar sadly, I even use fish in the press for oil to use as fuel which I’ll be doing for every base I ever have unless I move up north where there’s a severe lack of water.

What do you need water for?
Check out berry pulp. :wink:

Water is obsolete at 28. Just gather berries for 5 minutes one time and you’re set for like a month, maybe longer.

I actually make and use dry wood as my main fuel source since I have so much bark. I get tons of it while farming steel from New Asagarth.

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ExNihiloish is correct, Berry Pulp sates your thirst but doesn’t cool you down. Used it always when I was exploring farming up north so I would get frostbite. I guess eating them could lower your thrist also? I have never noticed.

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