Obtaining bark is problematic atm

Taking a pick to a tree is fine and all, but you should not have to cut down an entire forest to get your drier/tanning rack to last a few hours imo.

I get that the values can be adjusted, but I personally feel that trees that clearly have bark on them, should give more by default.


I would like to see this improved, as well. I can get more bark raiding npc camps than I can in a forest.


Which also begs the question, where do THEY get it? XD


I would like to get 1 piece of bark when making shaped wood.


They save and scrounge for years, saving each piece of bark, only for us to come by, kill them all, and loot it.

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haha, right, those poor npcs loosing all the bark took em days to get it and then we raid them

looking for thralls and killing them all i started keeping all the bark id find on them and in boxes, would come back with a few hundred a loop around the camps

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Someone already proposed an idea about a tool (I am sorry I forgot the word)
Which would yield mostly bark and in bigger numbers.
But sure pick should yield more too.

Altough I don’t have personal problem getting the bark what I need but I can imagine some bigger clans with all the leather(tar) needs could have run out of bark. Easily.

Maybe because I only using bark in the dryer, and thesome times in tanner.
For the dryer I need to wood too so it is just a bit more work.

If you wanna use the tannery to make tar mostly. Than you can try this instead: get coal (a lot of it…but that’s easy) and put it to the fluid press. (since I am doing this I can play for days with that 1 stack of bark I can collect in some 10-20 minutes. Yeah I need to kill a whole forest of coal nodes … sure, but I find it more time saver than bark + a lot of skin.

What I noticed to having a hard time get is fur nowadays.
The north used to be too crowded with wolves and bears, and they are gone now it feels waay too empty in this version. Almost like a ghost town.


Just so you know, they lowered the amount of bark you get from current sources due to swamps having vines that have a 40-50% success rate on bark. So when then game goes final you just farm it there.

Noticed this in the devkit looking at % chances to get bark.

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You’ll have to excuse me if I still kindof find it silly that the tundra trees have such a pathetic yield. I mean, dried out dead trees, fine. But other trees should atleast yield enough to not require mass deforestation.


I’m just going to go ahead and bump some topics now that the game’s been released and once more next week. To hopefully get past the dev’s post launch crunch time.

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Me too, especially since bark is needed pretty hard to make insulated wood. Before it used to be resin, now it’s the turn of bark apparently…
I know balance is not an easy task, but what has been suggested by NURIA is actually a pretty good idea in my opinion.
So funcom, deal?


Go and kill some SABERCATS garyice, and you will be crawling in fur :smile:

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Tool Upgrade Kits are also a thing they are probably considering with the lowered bark amounts

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Skinning knife and byproduct of making planks, yes pls tnx u vry mauch.


Being able to gather more bark easier would be nice. But like the first comment says, NPC settlements have a lot of it. I frequently get several stacks just from clearing a single, large place. Such as The Den or New Asagard. The artisans and chests have a lot of it.

So if I need bark, I kill for it. I don’t spend years chipping away at trees.

Or mammoths. One mammoth gives a crazy amount of fur and they’re so easy to kill. Just stay behind them and they’ll never touch you.

yeah, something like a woodcutting machine, which makes planks / and removes the bark… something like that!

Yeah, but sabertooths have way less health and are the only animals to give feline pelts in the north. Since i know “garyice” is using the zammorian armor too…i thought it could allow him to make “1 stone 2 shots” as we say in france (2 things at once) :slight_smile:
So sabbertooth are definitely my “go to” for fur/feline pelts, at least when i’m really far in the north.

Other than that for those who are interested in getting FUR here is a LIST of animals that give a descent amount of it:

-Sabbertooths (mostly far in the north and near the big eastern frozen lake)
-rams (everywhere)
-elks/elks kings (everywhere)
-boars (mostly south west)
-mammoths (mostly north west)

Just tell me if i forgot sthing.

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Dire wolves, north west toward the ice palace.

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