Increase the burn time in dryer or make any thrall assignable

Cause right about now it’s rather useless.


It does get quite annoying to chop down trees with a pick constantly just to keep enough bark around for dryers and tanners. Increasing burn time would help immensely, and I wouldn’t mind being able to assign a thrall to the dryer, as it would add more minions to my workshops.

I think the drop rate for bark is fine, and many will probably say just go chop dry trees in the desert.
I’m not complaining about the grind of things, but the cost of drying wood is imbalanced compared to other tools that convert material since they benefit from assigned thralls.
Also, if you compare drying wood in the dryer compared to creating leather from hides in a unassigned tannery you’ll see that drying wood is way more costly.

An alternative could be an improved dryer, but I like the idea of using whatever thrall you have available assignable to certain workbenches.

Yes. A single run with upgraded acheonian pick leaves me with at least (!) 8k bark. Speaking of the area around the black galleon.

I would love to see dryers becoming the next craftsmen bench (the one for decoration). Allowing cooks, tanners, smelters to be standing in front of them.

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