Dryer fuel life span

is it possible to add a thrall in the near future to the dryer to extend the life of bark? it burns so fast and it isn’t easily farmed.


It is significantly easier to farm bark since the latest patch. Use a pick on the dead trees in the desert.


I’m not saying its impossible to farm but it burns up so fast is all I’m saying

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Agreed, when you need 2 fuel to 1 material, it burns too fast. nothing else seems to be like this…

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Not quite that bad, on PS4 anyway. 140 bark to 100 wood. 40% more fuel to materials.

for me, i have to put in 1000 bark for 500 wood :frowning:

Maybe I’ll remember to double check tomorrow, see if it changed for me since I last tested. I usually just put Tanner overflow in and burn bits as I go as I’ve not done black ice or just insulated. So I tend to burn 10-50 bark at a time and drop a new stack of wood when it runs out. Only did the test once out of curiosity about efficiency.

Yeah, 140 bark to finish 100 wood. Had 60 left out of my 200 bark. PS4.

But for that 1000 bark and 500 wood you earn 1000 dry wood and 500 resin. Not a bad trade.

even then, it’s still 1:1 which again, is far beyond everything else…

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Are you on PS4 official server? If so, I need to go back and look, because I was getting 2:1 burn rates. I’m not complaining, I only remember because I mentioned it to my clan mate.

No, single player offline but I did not touch the fuel burn setting. I just confirmed before replying it’s still at 1.0.

I know you get resin as well but when you are working on black ice buildings, it goes so fast.

I agree, the Dryer is really not efficient. Its super slow and consumes fuel too fast, honestly, if you need dry wood chop dead trees, you will get a -ton-. It would take the dryer hours to produce what you can get in 30 minutes that way.

Resin is also trivial to get, if you have a base in the north you will find yourself tossing resin away. I would rather save the bark for the tanner…


that’s what I have been doing but I’d like the bark to last longer. I’m tired of taking trips to dead tree areas.

it would be nice to have an improved dryer that takes coal and works faster but easier on the programmers is the timers we edited on the dryer.

They already have a model if they really wanted to make an improved version.

There’s drying meat stands in npc towns.

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An improved dryer sounds good, but a thrall slot for the dryer would work great… a thrall would speed up the process and make fuel last longer, and this is exactly what the dryer need.

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It’s far too easy to farm bark. Just always use the pickaxe when gathering wood. You’ll collect bark at the same time. It piles up over time.

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again as I’ve answered this. its not about how “easy” it is to farm although it doesn’t drop as often as you make it seem. I can farm bark for hours and get 5000 bark but that’s not the case. bark burns way too fast and not everyone has the time that you do to farm bark for hours.