Dryer bug burns fuel rapidly when empty

Game mode: [Online official
Region: oceanic

Just came across a strange bug with the dryer. I went to grab the dry wood I made overnight out of the dryer and accidentally bumped left trigger. Obviously it starting burning bark even though there was nothing there to craft but it burnt an entire stack in seconds. It’s easy to reproduce. Just put bark with no wood in the dryer press left trigger and watch a stack of bark go up like rocket fuel lol
Made a quick video to show.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Insert bark only in the dryer
    2.turn on dryer
    3.realise your dryers are actually bark junkies
    4.farm more bark

It makes sense in away. I noticed that a pot of boiling water evaporates slower with the more items I add to it.
But, that could be just my mind since I didn’t actually time it. :grin:

I agree to a point but the decreased burn time seems…excessive lol I didn’t record the initial discovery but a full stack of 1000 bark was gone in literally seconds lol :joy: that’s an incinerator not a dryer.


Wow! This is a bug :100: %

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Reminds me of the cooking bug where you put the plant fiber and seeds in and suddenly you got hundreds of gruel at once along with some spoiled gruel. Somethings off with the timers in these stations or there is a time acceleration bubble in then…

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