Fuel burn glitch?

Game mode: | Singleplayer
Problem: Bug | Performance | Misc
Region: [GA, USA]

I started a game with my friend using his game. I later started my own game to play while he was away (since I can’t continue working on our game while he is gone). However, as I’ve started crafting things I noticed my fuel burns way too fast and I can’t get anything crafted because the fuel doesnt last. I played with my friend again and the fuel (any fuel) burns 10x faster on my solo game than it does on his. For instance I put in 300 bark in the tanner or 300 wood in the furnace and on our team game it lasts about 3 hours, but the same fuel on my solo game only lasts 5 min. I can’t get anything smelted or tanned because it takes a ridiculous amount of fuel on my game. Why are the fuel burn rates 10x different on our team game vs my solo game???

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Put fish in a fluid press and you’ll get oil… 100 oil burns for 1-2 hours ( I think). The same goes for dry wood

Ask your friend if he changed the fuel consumption in his server settings you can tweak them for single player to last longer or shorter periods of time. If yes the server setting is in crafting than go to fuel burn time multiplier the higher the number the longer fuel will burn the lower the number faster it will burn fuel.

He didn’t change any settings before starting. Same as what I did. And it doesnt matter what fuel I use whether its bark, wood, coal, or dry wood it still burns 10x faster.

I had this issue in my local single player in ps4. The fuel would burn insanely fast compared to the official server.

Turns out the single player server setting had the fuel burn set to like 0.1 instead of the official server score of 1.0.

So check your single player server settings.
I hadn’t changed mine as I recall. I had only been playing the game on official server a few days at the time and I noticed the fuel burn issue in single player pretty quick :smiley:

I’ve seen frequent reports of settings being changed after patch updates where the player had not authorised the change.
So it’s worth having a look at the setting to see if during a patch update the rate was changed.
Eg this last patch, I logged in and couldn’t see the names of my thralls as I got close to them like I usually could … I was already to take screenshots and post a bug report then I thought … what if it’s a setting in my game settings … so checked settings … and sure enough the Show name plate box was not ticked.
I once started four single player games one after the other as the game simply refused to apply the hardest default game mode … I’d find out at about level 10-15 when I died for the first time that she was retaining her inventory upon death instead of dropping it … I felt I couldn’t continue with the characters as I didn’t know what other settings were wrong and if all I had achieved so far was reflective of the hardest default setting.

Didn’t even see an option to change server settings at first. But sure enough that was it. Thanks for the assist.

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