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I dont get all this above^

Basically when using anything that requires fuel to create materials, they stop burning. So i will leave a furnace on to cook metal over night and then the next morning i will go on and the furnace has turned itself off. Happens when also leaving it alone and coming back after exploring. Happens with furnace and firebowl cauldron.


it happens if they are differents fuels in your furnace or “kitchen benches”
try using only one type of fuel


i dont use different fuels in a single furnace. I stick to one type of fuel per.


Gotta say I have not seen this issue at all, are you playing online or in single player mode? I leave my furnace going overnight all the time and when I get on the next day it’s fine (everything cooked and furnace is now off after having finished). Not sure about cauldron I know I have left it burning when out and about with no problems and probably overnight but can’t specifically remember any instances of doing so.

Maybe a clan mate is turning it off? Or do you happen to get off right before server reset every day? I don’t think reset would turn it off either but it’s possible.


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