Crafting Stations

I find it weird that even tho there are tons of coal or wood on a crafting table or furnace (especially furnace) that the thralls just stop and not finish the amount I put in and I have to go back and start the station again.

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Haven’t seen this, though it can (will?) happen after a server restart. It will also stop if the fuel type selected runs out, even if another fuel source is present it will not switch to that automatically (that’s not a bug).

I encounter this “feature” frequently on single-player Live. Often when I log out and log back in, all fuel-burning stations (furnace, firebowl, wheel of pain, etc.) have stopped and need manual restart. I’ve never seen it happen on a station that does not use fuel (since they don’t have manual start/stop buttons).

I guess it’s a safety measure to stop you from burning fuel while logged off, especially in cases where you run out of craftable materials and the fuel would be wasted.

It’s a minor issue and doesn’t bother me often, as I usually don’t process materials in more than one base at a time. Wheels of pain are the notable exception, as I may have several would-be thralls in several merry-go-rounds all around the world. It’s slightly irritating to go visit my Camp 24 to see if my new Hodur the Humble is ready to work, only to find the wheel stopped, the food rotten, and the guy still only 15 % ready.

Yes, singleplayer is a special case, i know, when you leave the area then come back, you have to start them over again and again.
Servers this happens only on server restart like said above.

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