Crafting Stations turn Off when you leave them

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

The crafting stations that you have to turn on (i.e. the forge and firebowl) will turn themselves off when you leave the area. This is happening with everyone on the server.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. put a lot of stuff in a forge
  2. turn it on
  3. run off and go adventuring
  4. come back and see it turned itself off before it was done.
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This happens in SP also, PC but I understand in SP it is common.

Happens to me too. Single player PC.

I read somewhere that since SP is not on all of the time like the servers the crafting stations will stop when you leave the game.

Happens in MP too. Sporadically but happens. Furnace sometimes turns off before it runs out materials.


Just to ask, don’t hang me please :slight_smile:

Do the crafting stations, you mentioned the ones require fuel, stop because you run out of fuel or changed it?
I get annoyed at myself for starting a furnace with coal, then put oil in it at once the last coal is used you would have to restart the furnace again so it uses oil as fuel.

Other thing I noticed is the cauldron. I got one to produce warpaint, so there is fiber and sticks in it, as well as oil.
Now when I turn it on, despite last using oil, it starts to use fiber as fuel, do I remove the fiber it starts using sticks, so end up removing both for the cauldron to use oil as fuel.

Since the Wheel of Pain in MP also do stop after a server restart I am not surprised this happening to crafting stations in SP, experienced it as well, since leaving SP basically means you switch off the server.

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Yes that does make sense, the world basically dies or suspends itself until you start again. Not a big problem for me by any means.

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No, it is not because of fuel. I have had this happen as well when making iron bars in multiplayer. Sometimes it happens when logging off while they’re crafting, and other times just when you leave the vicinity.

Alternatively, I’ve had the opposite problem as well. Furnaces and firebowl cauldrons will continue to burn fuel AFTER the items in queue are done. These problems are intermittent and the latter is much rarer, so it is hard to reproduce.

Ironically the only time that has happened to me is when I pull out brimstone after making some Starmetal so my forge doesn`t start making harden steel ingots since I still need to the steel for my Vanir heavy and steel reinforcements (just in case).

Alright, just wanted to make sure.

I never encountered this issue, except if there is a server restart interupting production.
Hope they can find a fix for you so it does not happen for you anymore too.

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