Crafting Stations stopping for no reason

Game mode: Multiplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Since patch i’m having multiple crafting stations stop crafting after I log out for the night. I’ve seen it happen to the smelting station, thrall wheel, and alchemy bench. Both had plenty of fuel in them and recipes queued up, but the are stopped for no reason when i login.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Fill crafting station with plenty of fuel
  2. Queue up recipes
  3. Log out for the night
  4. Login, and stations are stopped, recipes are queued, and fuel is there, but stopped.

Me too . In the Last Time i ordert the Smith to produce 400 ironparts . It was enoth Iron in it . He stoppt working after 100 . 2 Times i dont Know wy.

Me three.
i began to convince myself it was me forgetting to hit start.
but after a recent crash where i had just hit start then moved off to do some stuff, when i managed to get back in everything was stopped.

i agree, hapened to me now several time on my server.

Smelters and alchemists had plenty fuel and a big list to do, and they stopped working and i had to relaunch the workstation at my return.
For the WOP i will have to make some tests more, didn’t capture lot of thralls these patch-days.

Chiming in here too, and this is dog crap. Crafting should NEVER, NEVER, and one more time, NEVER stop because of being logged out. This is total crap.

So, I have to stay logged in to get my thralls broke? TO get my slow as molasses run of orbs done? R E A L L Y?



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