Stations turning OFF instead of staying ON

Game mode: [Online] - GPORTAL PRIVATE SERVER
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Americas]


Our clan loads the Greater Wheel of Pain with exiles to break, 5 improved furnaces with stone and ironstone, improved firebowl cauldron with tar and brimstone.

All are loaded with required “fuel” source. We turn all of them ON and then log out of the server only to find out that when we log back into the game that all of the stations turned themselves OFF and nothing is broken or made (brick, iron bars, steelfire).

It was not like this prior to the Post-Halloween patch.

Not that it should matter, but our characters are still in the area.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load a furnace with oil (or other fuel source)
  2. Add stone and ironstone
  3. Turn on the furnace
  4. Log out of the game
  5. Log into the game and see that the furnace turned itself off and you still have oil (or other fuel source) and stone and ironstone instead of bricks and iron bars.

Thank you for the report. :slight_smile: I’ve added this to our internal bug list. We had similar reports on PC, but QA was unable to reproduce it. Any additional information you can give us will be helpful.

I believe yesterday everything was working, but I will make a run to all of our stations and turn them on and jump out of the game and back in to see if I can reproduce the results.

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