Workstations starting burning fuel they don't have

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: eu
Hi there, I’m currently on server 3205 and I’ve found when I first log on and use any workstation that burns/uses fuel us reverting to burning fuel that isn’t in it. For example my wheel is burning gruel when turned on but it’s only had fish in it for weeks. This it causing if to stop and need restarting burning the actual fuel that’s in it. Its not a major problem but when you forget about it everything switches off.
Anyways thanks

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Also having this problem on official servers I play on … it took me 3 days to tame thrall because my stations keep turning off

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Can confirm the statement made above stations revert to different types of fuels used in the past many times that fuel isn’t even in the inventory any longer, happens on campfires, furnaces and wheels of pain. This is likely the cause of them turning off when the player logs out.

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I was testing fuels and the dryer burned oil as if it was bark. After an hour of roaming, I went back, and the dryer had converted the wood, but restored the oil and the wood I watched it burn.

I ended up with dry wood, resin, and the original oil & wood. Can’t say I was too upset by this development.


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