Firebowl cauldron glitched?

Hi, Siimos here, Xbox 1 Exile on Sands of Time server. My firebowl cauldron won’t work, for anything I try. Is it possible that it’s a server problem, since it’s a rented server? I’m lvl 43, with alchemy and tattoos unlocked, as well as dyes and steel items, but I have not been able to get the queued recipes to start building. Before the hot fix, I had the same problem with the artisan table, but that was fixed. I presume this is a similar issue, but wanted to bring it up, see if anyone else is experiencing this problem?
Great Game, keep it up.

Are you actually using fuel for the Cauldron? It does require fuel to run.

I was using coal. Maybe I should reinstall?

Youre pushing left trigger to start it… of course, you got to 43…

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I am also not able to make my steel bars in cauldron which means I am stuck with stone or iron tools and weapons don’t think these will get me through the game.

Steel Bars are made in the Furnace, not the firebowl cauldron. Only the steelfire ingredient is made in the cauldron.

same problem caudron makes potions but not steelfire

correct steelfire have searched and tried everything recipe is done correct amounts and wood for fuel are
put in cauldron still no steelfire.

Are you choosing Steelfire from the recipe menu, and selection the quantity you want to make? then turning on the fuel?