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I am having a problem where it costs very little resources to build anything I want but on the other side of things my fuels like wood and coal burn extremely fast. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck.

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Hello @Bobafett1998, welcome to the forums!

Are you playing on singleplayer?

If so, you’ve likely tweaked your crafting settings and might need to tweak the Fuel Burn Time Multiplier.

Yes playing on single player but have not messed with any of the settings. I loaded my game up and had nothing to harvest, no animals, trees, or enemies, there was nothing so I started a new game and this happened, i have uninstalled three times with no success, and have not tweaked any thing

Could you please share the current values for those settings?

Actually last night after reading and responding to your comments I started looking, and asked my oldest son where his where set, turns out lol somewhere somehow mine got tweaked, my 16 year old pointed out factory default button and all is back to normal. So I thank u Hugo cause if not for u I would not have looked or realized any of that. So thank u very much for your help

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Happy to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out should you come across any other issues!

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