Xbox one offline fatal bug, coal last seconds, takes 10 times the fuel to do anything

Game mode: [offline| Singleplayer]
Problem: Fuel timer is bugge
Region: [Here]

I restarted the game, re-download (takes hours with the new patch) erased my game and stared anew several times. The problem can’t be local. I even erased all saved game data from Xbox one to make sure.

The game can’t be played. I can cook 9 steaks with 50 coal, i can never gather the resources to accomplish anything without fuel timer in hyper speed. I have been playing for 2 weeks with around 70 hours of gameplay and reached level 38 before things go wrong. So I know how fuel works. no matter witch fuel, is exactly the same and hyper fast. Coal is more noticeable cause it used to take some time to burn.
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.I simply load a saved game or start a new one.
2.use coal to cook, melt or anywhere as fuel,

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