Bark for fuel source

Since they messed up the shaped wood byproduct of bark. Is there a way to get more than 1-2 bark per tree?

Or maybe there is another way to get dry wood and resin?

It’s been pretty impossible to do low tier stuff like tanning, dried meat, dry wood. I don’t want to keep admin spawning T1 resources (private server).

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The dead looking trees give good amounts of bark. Look around the desert areas. Dry lake bed looking spots on the map.

If it is fuel want use OIL, its the best fuel and it is easy to get, putdown some traps to get fish to use is fluid press you get lot of oil.

Except the OP has stated they want to use the fuel in the tannery and drier … so only bark can be used in those stations.

Use a pick (or pickaxe) on all trees to get bark as a side product of harvesting wood.
Go into the desert areas with the white dead trees to harvest those with a pick to get bark and dried wood.
Go into the highlands above the desert and harvest trees to get rest. If you harvest them with a pick you will get bark as a side product as well.

You can get tar by pressing coal in a fluid press but it’s a horrible conversion rate … 25 coal for 1 tar … for me it’s more time-effective to go to the dry trees and highlands.

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I assume you are already using the efficiency upgrade on your tools, but just in case…

If you can get wood easily u can convert it to bark in the carpenter, but it is pretty bad conversion, so not ideal.

I find it easy to harvest wood. But I spend an hour chopping every tree in sight, I carry stuff to repair my tool and I take a T4 bearer with me to hold all the stuff. Not the easiest way, but thats how I do it. If you are solo, then you want to up the harvest rates for sure!

But only after they reach level 57 and can make an improved carpenters bench.
The addition of bark as a side-product of making shaped wood was not in the game at launch… whilst it was a much appreciated inclusion I do think it produced too much.
I remember from levelling up at launch before the shaped wood to bark addition, how much effort it was to get bark, resin and dried wood before I knew about the dried trees giving more bark per hit with a pick than normal trees and that trees in the highlands.

I think Funcom should add a new recipe to the carpenters bench … wood to bark & branches …
no thrall in station is one wood to one bark …
t1 thrall is one wood to two bark pieces and one branch
T2 is one wood to three pieces of bark and two branches
T3 is one wood to four bark pieces and three branches
T4 is one wood to five bark pieces and 4 branches

Not a great return and makes the player decide if they need the wood or bark more. And gives a lower level player a way of creating bark & branches other than straight out gathering.


Oh I didn’t realise it was such a high level to get that. Sorry my bad. Was at 60 before they made those changes and I still have bark left over from back then. I keep adding more but still seems to be holding out.

Totally agree though, would be nicer if there was an easier way. Or lower the level and add it to normal carpenters table. Seriously, bark should not be that hard to get, I mean, what kind of skill is required to strip bark…lol

Thanks for the advice. I know bark from making shaped wood both made sense because to work wood you’d strip bark first, right? Also it may not have been a high output but with that and picking trees I could add it.

Since the patch it’s been like 1000 wood that I’m just dropping to get what seems like 10 units of bark and a handful of ingots to repair the tool.

Resin drop isn’t great either but I’m pretty sure it’s higher than wood. Maybe they should add a bark scraper tool? Or instead of bark they could replace with wood chips and have that drop from any tool vs tree at a higher rate.

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You can get a decent amount of Resin by drying wood. But you need Bark for drying. Funcom, return Bark as by-product with Shaped Wood!

The problem with bark as a by-product of shaped wood was that because we often need lots of shaped wood, we’d get stupid amounts of bark as well. I still have chests full of bark. A reduced rate would be ideal, but I don’t know if you could get less than one but greater than zero bark per shaped wood.

Before we could get bark from shaped wood I’d loot enemies and chests for bark. When we could get bark from shaped wood, bark as a loot was junk and I ignored it. Now I’m back to looting bark from dead enemies.

But, as they (thankfully) removed the oil component from Insulated wood, I guess it can’t be too easily accessible, so at least now the fuel for the drying rack is harder to come across.

Fastest way to get bark is dead trees. Use the best pick (not axe/hatchet!) you can get your hands on, the difference is massive.

Second, if dead trees are nowhere near you, I’d probably be harvesting regular trees, again with an upgraded pick, and if you truly don’t need the wood you get from that you can eventually convert that to more bark - but that’s a byproduct, and not really worth it IMO.

For the record I think it’s fine that shaped wood doesn’t generate bark - yes it was damn convenient, but it was also too easy.

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I second others: use pick on dead trees. Thats the best way to get bark (it only gives bark and dried wood afaik). Using better quality tools gives higher amount of resource gathered.

The dry white trees doesn’t make the task of finding bark as daunting as it was. Great advice. Thank you all.

if you go in bark waypath from savana to black galeon desert you recollect 10k of bark with a acheronian pick or obsidian pick. Resin i think the better is betten mount of dead and asgarth at south of towers, there are a lot of trees, with obsidian axe or startmetal pickaxe if you also need bark

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