Where's the bark?!

Add branches as an alternate fuel to bark, for tanners, and dryers please devs.

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Support this, that or give us some kind of tool to help get bark. Even if we were given a recipe to ‘make bark’ say in the grinder or some other station would be a huge improvement. Throw in 10 wood get 1 bark sounds a bit unrealistic but hey I’ll take what I can get at this point.

All these trees and each one only have like 6 pieces of bark? Cmon.

Makes this whole steel grind unbearable. I spend more time farming for bark than I do anything else.

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Or like a mod, when you do in carpenter bench shaped wood, you obtain also bark, because it sounds like logical.

“Bark problem” is overrated.

There are trees in the jungle area, giving you a 4 pieces of bark per tree and requiring 2 pick axe hits to take them down.

Dead trees (commonly found in desert areas) are excellent bark source.

dead trees + pickaxe = plenty of bark.

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Yes, yes… I’m aware of those trees that sometimes give you a little bit of bark but are few and far in between that also 50% of the time just give you vines.

Dead trees only every really drop branches for me though. Occasionally I’ll get dried wood… Which can be useful at times, but not much bark.

See what you don’t get is that while you think it’s overrated because you may have the luck that bark drops in droves, it’s not that way for everyone.

And looking at several forums, not just here, it’s pretty clear that bark drops have always been an issue so we know we’re not alone in the matter.

Especially when you’re trying to fuel multiple tanneries as well as the dark bottomless pit of a bark black hole known as the drying rack for dried wood. :roll_eyes:

I personally, would like to do other things in the game besides constantly running out to chop down an entire forest just for a smidgen of bark to continue pumping out refined resources.

Use pick axe. This way you will gather bark and dried wood.

Resource management is important part of survival. Don’t bite more then you can chew. I can’t imagine why would someone playing alone want to run more then 2 tanneries. And remember - T4 and T3 tanners are still out there :wink:
Main purpose of drying racks is to supply dried wood - used either for crafting insulated building pieces or as fuel. In the latest stages of the game oil (pressed from common seeds in fluid press) can be a substitute for fueling. As for building - the main problem here players tend to overestimate their needs and start to build HUGE houses. Because of how easy it is to gather t1 mats in late game (and building t1 framework and upgrading it to t3 later is a common practice in late game building) it is very easy for a single player to build a 3 stories high 15x15 blocks house, just to realize it will take them weeks to gather mats to fully upgrade it to t3.

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