New Tool Concept: Adze

With the change to base harvesting amounts and burn times bark is now as valuable as steel. To help with this you can get a tanner, and a Tanner III or IV certainly goes a long way to ease those woes, however drying racks are still a black hole for bark and usually lead to mass deforestation, and large amounts of lumber being simply destroyed. To help this, I’d propose the following item for mid to late-game:

Tool: Adze (Adz)
Level unlocked: 45ish
Materials: 15 steel bars, 4 shaped wood
Crafted at the Blacksmith’s Bench

This tool is efficient at harvesting bark from trees. When used on a tree that will normally yield bark, bark is granted every swing at 2x the normal gather rate. No wood or branches are harvested. The tree will be cut down after the same amount of strikes as if an axe, pick, or pickaxe was used upon it.

1 tier of tool, as there would not need to be much reason for a hardened or starmetal variant.


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Yes please, we desperately need a better way to harvest bark. I wouldn’t mind a single, steel-tier tool for this.

Though in my opinion, this would be better done by increasing the rates at which the Picks harvest bark from trees.

Also, there are some loose bits of wood on the ground in the north that are clearly bits of bark, but when harvested, give the player branches instead of bark.

absolutely love it. but… only one tier?
Higher tiers usually look waaay cooler, and yield way more in the process…
As for your concerns tho… just use pick or even pickaxe on any tree while collecting wood for something.
I keep storing bark like nobody’s business because there is just no way I could use all that.

I mean tar creation not rewuires bark anymore since the coalpress gladly thank you.
And after 2-3 big chest filled with leather heavy leather after some days of play no tannery is working.

Drywood? fast as hell with only 2 racks and like 2 stacks of bark you can have more than enough resin and drywood for your insulated wooden castle. am I doing something wrong?

Although I do like to have more options than I would normaly use so + like for that awesome tool idea.