Easier bark gathering

At this time getting enough bark when starting is a pain, I know you can grind NPC’s to get enough bark, but for some of us it would be nice with more options than that, using the pickaxe is a pain and hardly a good way to get bark, I mean, the amount of bark we get is very little considering you cut down the whole tree.


  1. Change the skinning knife so you can use it as a scraper to get more bark from trees, the byproduct of using skinning knife on trees ( not dead ones ) could be bark and branches, with the bark gain at 100%. ( or a value you think is better.) and branches likely to be less.

  2. Or introduce a curved axe that could be used for debarking, the vikings used this method when they built their ships. “remove the bark and sapwood and rough-shapes the piece with an axe having a curved head, with a bend away from the central axis of the haft. The curve makes it less likely that the axe will dig in to the workpiece.” Quoted from hurstwic. Source

  3. Also add bark as a byproduct of making shaped wood.

Just a small suggestion for the big bucket that people throw after you. :slight_smile:


or allow other fuel types in the devices that take bark.

They could also just increase the harvest rate for bark.

There are also some loose pieces of bark in the North, but they’re bugged. When you harvest them, for some reason you are given branches rather than bark. Although the graphic looks exactly like a strip of bark.

I agree bark can be tough to harvest. I like the suggestions.

Sometimes I get lucky clearing out a camp and the camp will have a bunch of bark. How do they get it? lol

Great idea,
It’s not worth how much your pickaxe wears down to get like 30 bark

I know, in real life I get a ton of bark before I can cut the tree into logs lol, it really gets all into the grass, its annoying, if anything, the rate for bark should be the same rate as wood is now, and wood should be down a bit.

Anything has to be better than it is now you need bark to make leather and to dry wood and those items are needed to craft about everything. So with bark being so low it makes building a total pain in the ■■■■

I remember using wood and coal for fuel for all crafting stations, but haven’t checked since release.

The tannery and dryer never used anything other than bark, as far as I can recall.

But since bark is ‘very’ easy to get in large amounts from settlements, I produce dry wood for fueling the other stations. It’s way better than un-dried wood.

For instance, I typically get 2-3 stacks from clearing any of the main camps, such as New Asagarth, The Black Galleon, The Den, etc.

And I don’t use any bark in the process of forging steel ingots, I get all my steel from NPCs and chests. So that greatly reduces my bark requirements. So now I mostly make dried wood to burn.

i would say allow the cleaver to be used for debarking. a skinner is in no way suited for use as a drawing knife. i have forged a draw knife, and a skinner is not suited for the task. better the cleaver or sickle then the skinner.

Love the bark as a biproduct of woodworking idea OP! The logic and simplicity is appreciable!
In the mean time, farm npcs and chests though. Still the best/fastest means to obtain bark at this time.

Use a star metal pick on dead trees get bark and dry wood in the Desert area

You’re right, infact if the cleaver could do well, but they could use a axe with a curved blade, that is what the vikings used to debark the logs they used for ship building etc. I’m gonna edit the main post because i totally forgot the curved axe when i wrote the first post!

You mean concave? Dont think ive seen one… Google here i come!

Bark becomes a lot easier to get with the pickaxe. You will love this tool when you get it.

Why is everyone so worried about bark? I always end up with more bark, leather, and dried wood than I could ever possibly use. If you are worried about tar, coal in a fluid press = tar.

Great ideas.

I’m for:
-skinning knife for bark
-cleaver for sticks

Maybe the possibility to grow trees to gather a good amount of bark.

Bark is already really easy to get!

It can be easily farmed as shown in that thread, but I get all I need from clearing NPC settlements, so it’s really not necessary.

I put some pictures of my crafting room on the community area. If you want to look at them.

Use the hybrid pick+axe. I play on x2 server and i swim in bark