Better way to get Bark?

Is there a better way to get Bark? The whole mechanics would make it seem as though there is another way to get it other than a pick to the Tree? I’m thinking it would be nice to use the Grinder to bust wood down to bark or something or maybe even a tool similar to the ones that get meat and hide? I’m just wondering if I’m missing anything.

Get a better pick, and go after the trees have have higher bark yield.

I find that NPC’s are the best source of bark. Also, cutting down trees with pickaxes.


Clear out large settlements like The Den, New Asagarth, etc. I typically get multiple stacks every time I do that. The artisans and chests have a lot of bark.

Chipping away at trees for an eternity is boring and ultimately pointless.

Making steel takes a lot of bark. (Bark to tan hides for tar to make steelfire to make steel…)
So don’t waste your bark on that. You can get tons of steel from New Asagarth. So farm that place and you’ll get all the bark, steel, coal, glass and crystals you’ll ever need. Plus other materials.

P.S. How many threads do we need on bark?

I was looking for a listing on the Trees that yield higher do you have any suggestions?

Thankyou for you guys input.

From my experience, no trees have a higher yield than any others. Whether they’re in the swamp, desert, highlands, frozen north, etc.

I’m interested to know which ones do.

So the best way to get back obviously is using the pickaxe on the right sources. Dead Trees in the desert are an excellent source of Bark (and dry wood) and by far the best source. The dead trees west of the black hand stone ship that just has antelop around them is a great location. As is the area just north of the circular lake that has a gator boss just north of the noob river.

Alternately the trees that give vines also give bark.

The dead trees near the stone ship give about 100-200 bark depending on the pick. It is the best place to get bark and there is a lot of it. I believe salt lake in the north of the desert also has people trees that give bark too.

I’d love to see a screenshot of this. Sometimes they give me 0, even with an fully upgraded star metal pick, just like every other tree in the game.

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Actually, I find tar is eventually easier to get by putting coal in the fluid press. It’s slow, and a 5:1 ratio, but you don’t wind up with a bajillion leather floating around.

However, making dried wood to fuel the furnaces…THAT picks up the bark slack.

That’s a good idea for getting tar. Since I use dry wood as fuel, I have little use for coal - might as well squish it!

Ya I actually have fishing traps that I use to make oil (15 traps) and use the oil to run the furnaces and the coal to make tar.

I like the dried wood for insulated wood which means I need bark for the drying rack as I haven’t found an alternate fuel for it. And Dried Wood isn’t easy to get any other way.

Exactly, I tried every tree and I do not see ANY difference in the amount of bark that is dropped. That is like saying find a better stone node to get a higher ironstone or crystal drop when harvesting stone.

The dead trees in the desert biome around the Black Galleon is a decent natural source of dried wood.And you can dry branches in the dryer same as wood, but with a lot less return. Still not much else to do with branches at high levels.

Giant palisades!

I just chopped down dozens of dead trees in the desert and a couple dozen trees in the highlands. Both types gave me 0 - 10 bark using a star metal pick with the best tool upgrade.

I could just be unlucky but I’m not seeing a difference. I did end up with nearly 1,000 bark though.

I just did a video with a steel Pick (it’s what I got) if you want to do a direct compare I’ll post it once I upload. To me it seems like a significant amount more than trees though I’ve never done the direct comparison and I really am not much with video editing or I’d give it a go. I could be wrong as you have both had that experience. However it does seem like they give bark more frequently not in greater numbers.

I’ll link it once it is uploaded and I remove the sound… I keep forgetting my webcam mic is on. The echo is so annoying

You could be right. I gave up trees as a bark source long ago so you’re probably more experienced with it.

I just did some math really quick. I chopped 30 trees with a Steel Pick got 107 Bark. That is about 3.5 bark per tree. Some don’t give any but other give ticks. With a upgraded Steel Pick.

I’ve been levelling this through building alone so I’m a bit behind yet.

(just hit mute) and ignore my poor fighting and climbing skills.)

In the EA I played in a Mod server, one of the mods was bark in the carpenter bench. It’s kind of logic… in real life, if you get a log of wood and process it, you will end with a shaped wood and during this process you’ll get scraps of wood (bark).