It's pain in the neck to harvest bark

Bark is a highly needed resource yet, it is a pain in the neck to harvest it. There ought to be a tool to make harvesting it easier right? The most obvious choice would be the pick and yet we get more wood than we do bark. How does that make any sense? Last time I checked pick doesn’t chop it chips and what is bark? Wood chips. I think that the pick primary resource it should harvest when hitting a tree is bark and then a little wood or branches.


We’ve been asking for a while for it to be a by-product of shaped wood…that makes more sense.


Heya, have you checked out the other Bark threads or the guide I made?

You could get like 500 - 600 bark in 3 minutes depending on what tool you use and if you have 20 Survival or not.
You can still get a couple hundred easily with low-end tools.

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Bark is a non issue later on in the game.

Get to 60, get the pickaxe (level 44 works as pick and axe combined) and start chopping down dead trees when farming other stuff and have the 20 survival and 50 encumberance perk. I’ll do an hour grinding resourses all over the map, going from metal node to metal node and getting all the dead trees and coal inbetween.

Trust me, you will have so much bark that you end up dumping it into dryers to get that extra bit of insulated wood.

There is absolutely no need for a special tool just to get bark.


Echoing these guys, definitely get that pickaxe crafted (I have looted 4 or 5 from NPC’s also). Just harvesting normal trees nets me enough bark to keep everything that requires bark running and then some.


Obsidian pick on a 2x pvp server -without- survival perk and pausing to rep your pick every time it breaks will net you 100 bpm. I’ve timed it several times to test. With the survival perk bpm will increase to like 170; just pick a high density tree area (I do the jungle) put on some good tunes, put your head down and start farming.

20 minutes of picking gets you enough bark to keep your tanners running many hours.

That’s a good idea as well, haven’t thought of that aspect of bark being a by product. Also thank you for sharing your advice about 20 survival and the pick axe. I didn’t know about it or even think about putting points in survival.

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Yeah… I’m going to have to disagree with you guys and still say that getting bark is still a pain in the neck. I’ve tried resetting my attributes and feats and then putting 20 into survival. Then getting the pickax and going to town on the trees. In the end I’ve only slightly increased my bark harvesting comparatively to wood. What I’m saying is, that harvesting the trees should be similar to that of Ark: Survival Evolved(I know a lot of you will cringe or get upset about what I just said). If I use a hatchet I should get primarily wood and branches. If I use a pick I should get way more bark than I should wood. One thing in Ark that I liked, which made some sense was the harvesting of resources. Depending on what tool/dinosaur you used, you get one of the resources you want. I shouldn’t have to spend over 20 minutes to an hour just to get the necessary amount of bark while I’m still getting tons of wood. I don’t need wood anymore! I need bark! The amount of bark I am getting is still very limited.

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I get alot off dead bodies and chests but I will say I wish it was a bark by product or even to be able to skin trees for just bark both would be good mechanics.

Are they needed not really late game but I think it would be a good thematic for early. Also think you should need bark to start a fire each time you start or stop a fire use 1 bark as firestarter it would be a pain but also make sense

Okay then spend 3-5 minutes.

This takes me just under 5 minutes without 20 Survival. Should take around 3 minutes with it.
There are a couple other locations almost as good as this one, so you don’t have to wait for respawns if you need more bark.

Bark really is a non-issue. The guide shows an excellent way to get bark, but I ‘never’ used this for bark myself. Just for testing purposes - verifying information I read in other bark threads and nailing down the numbers.

I always got way more bark than I ever needed just from clearing large NPC settlements like New Asagarth, and I don’t even go there for bark, I go for steel and end up with excessive amounts of bark, crystals, glass, etc.

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I was using Aka-loser post as an example of 20 minute on a x2 server for that remark. What I’m trying to say is that the ratio of bark to wood is very small. Even with your Obsidian Pick w/ Advance Tool Upgrade you get 436 bark in your 5 minute harvest. What was the amount of wood did you get during that harvest with that tool? Most likely in the thousands. This is what I’m getting at, I shouldn’t have to use the highest tier of tool with advanced mod just to get 436 bark in 5 minutes. I not only need bark for my drying rack to make dry wood, I need it for my tanner to get tar. I need thousands of bark not hundreds. I’m trying to build my base out of tier 3 Black Ice. Bark doesn’t burn for that long either, and I get very little tar and dry wood for 1 full stack of bark.

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I get a 100+ bark in a few minutes with pickaxe. Think the harvest rate and method is fine imo.

  1. Dried trees give dried wood, and way less than you seem to think.
    You can watch the video and see how much I get for that one run.
    I ended with only like 500 - 700 (I think) dried wood after all five runs of this circuit.
    Dried wood helps with your black ice base, so what’s the problem?

Getting dried wood here should drastically cut down your bark requirements, as would farming steel from NPC settlements instead of using bark to get tar for steelfire. You can also press coal for tar instead of using bark.

So no, you do not need nearly as much bark as you think.


I’m building my base in the very NW part of the region, up in the frozen north. I don’t have good access to dry dead trees. The dry dead trees can be found in the desert not in the north. The place you harvest at is most likely a specific location. I’m harvesting near my base in the NW frozen north where there isn’t much dry dead wood. I don’t want to have to travel half way across the map just to get a good circuit and still get a low ratio of bark.

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You could get over a thousand bark and over a thousand dried wood in like 20-30 minutes making a trip to the desert. I don’t see a problem with traveling a bit to obtain the resources I require, especially not in a survival game.

What about when you need other materials such as brimstone, silver, gold, crystals, etc. Do you want everything to be within arm’s reach?

Anyway, there’s plenty of bark to go around and if you do things efficiently you don’t need a whole lot of it.
I’m just here to give tips to make your life easier, it’s up to you whether you heed the advice or not.

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It’s called efficiency. Yes I could do what you just said, but that’s not that efficient if it’s closer to my base. I need a lot of resources to build up my base and having to travel half way across the map on foot to one specific location is not that efficient.

As much as I would like to say it needs to be more thematici will now have to reply to this and say the obvious. You decided to put your base in a place that is rescouce starved that. That’s on you. Do not build in a bad place for mats and than complain for lack of material. Some materials should be much more uncommon just to force people to take a risk and travel to get things. Only issue with that is people can block rescources

What I do is that anytime I need wood I just use a pickaxe even when I don’t need bark. Downside is you don’t get as much wood as if you used a hatchet but you will always have enough bark saved up for when you really need it. Waiting until you need masses of bark before going out to grind for it can go really slow if you do not have the patience for it.

I’m resource starved on dry dead wood yes that is true, but Black Ice not so much. See my clan made a trade off. We wanted to be closer to black ice, since we are building only high end stuff anyways. So it’s better to build closer to higher end resources then stay in the desert where you are much further away. Like I said before, we are building tier 3 Black Ice base. So we moved closer to the Black Ice, we have plenty of forest around us. I just want it to where it can be efficient to gather bark every where, not a specific location. This way everyone can benefit, not just those who build close to their resource circuit.

To all of you that have posted on my discussion and to those who in the near future that will. I made this discussion to one; bring up an issue that I see(which I did complain about), two; bring up ideas on how to solve it or even improve upon it and three; to see if the Developers will try it. If you think that it’s fine the way it is, then don’t post on this discussion. This discussion is just my opinion on something that could be an issue not just to me, but to others and I want to bring up these ideas to Funcom to see if they will implement them or not.

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