It's pain in the neck to harvest bark

Funcom have tool tiers in this game for a reason and also perks.

Match them correctly as the game design intended and its a non issue as other posters pointed out.


I have tried that already and I still think that I’m getting a handful of bark compared to the ton of wood that I get when I harvest trees. I wouldn’t make this discussion if I haven’t tried every possible method to harvest bark.

Why? You can get like 12,000 black ice in about 10-15 minutes on a x1 server.
Seems pointless to move up there just for that. I’d just make a trip every couple of months.

Perhaps you should have placed this thread in the “Suggestions” section instead of “General Discussion” if you don’t want people discussing it and trying to help you.


Getting bark is kind of annoying in terms of yield, but your unwillingness to travel for resources is kind of silly too. It doesn’t take that long to make the run.

The reason for my unwillingness to make a long travels, is that Exnihiloish wants me to travel to his specific bark resource circuit just to get bark. I’m willing to go chop down trees near my base for bark, not to travel halfway across the map to do it. It’s not efficient. Also, if you guys don’t see the other tags in this thread, then you are not suggesting anything new that I haven’t tried. I have tried harvesting dead dry trees in the desert, I have tried changing my stats and putting 20 points into survival while using pickax, while using star metal pick, I have tried multiple methods and the yield of bark is still a pitiful handful compared to the tons of wood. You guys are not suggesting anything, just telling me your opinion. I want a general discussion of suggestions, not opinions. That’s why I went with General discussion first and then suggestion, testing and pc. It’s as if the other tags don’t matter. You’re not helping by telling me what I could do, not how to change things or improve things. opinions and suggestion of ideas are two completely separate things, if I just wanted opinions I wouldn’t have put in the other tags.

I farm bark at the Black Hand Galleon…

The enemies around the entire area drop 5 - 15 nearly every time… plus other goodies and EXP

I agree thematically that bark should be obtainable in other ways.

Though I do feel that bark is kinda meant to be a gating item similar to star metal I guess. It forces you to play different of go out of your way to slow you down. There will always be a few items like that just I do agree it’s a bit silly that it’s bark

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I just used a steel pick and survival 20 and go to town, get about 8-14 wood, 3-5 bark a hit (when it procs) more now that I have pickaxes. Everyone says to just use low level picks, but I dont like making a ton of trips, and a higher level pick gets a decent amount of wood too

I liked your original post…I also use a mod to convert Wood into Bark in the Carpenter Station.
*The mod is called :: Wood Chips - Don’t Smoke with Bark

Obviously this only work in SP or your own server (or if someone will add it to theirs)

I am onboard with many others though. There are many places that resources are not common so you have to set up your pack gear and head out for a back pack run. I have my favorite thrall come along too to carry more. Go harvest just what you are needing and dump whatever else you pick up at the same time. In less than an hour you could go out and come back with a lot of bark…including travel time. Quit the ‘But I Want It Now’ lazy routine and get to work.

Bark as a Byproduct of crafting woods…is a Great Idea and something that should be there.

Personally i like the idea of getting bark from the process of making shaped wood.

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I also thought of an idea, if Funcom doesn’t want to increase the amount of bark harvested they could make it burn a little longer. Another idea is to use coal for drying rack and possibly the tanner. I’ve haven’t seen much use for coal other than getting tar out of it or burning it.

Burning a bit longer would not hurt

As for coal it’s a great burning material especially in some desert areas where wood is scarce. It also burns a long time so I usually put it in my foundarys

Using coal to tan hides makes no sense.

Bark is used to make a solution of tannin (that’s probably what one of those vats of liquid on the tannery is supposed to be for), you don’t burn it. Similarly, you’re not burning bark on a drying rack either, it’s used for preserving foods much in the way salt is (it has antimicrobial properties). I guess it might be burned to dry wood though, in which case there should be better alternatives.

Making bark last a little longer is not a bad idea.


Another idea is to ‘Smoke’ and ‘Dry’ with Branches. Wet branches are commonly used to create a low temp heat with giving off smoke that does the treating/drying. So perhaps have ‘Dual Fuel’ for the Dryer and Tanning like the other stations can ‘Burn’ multiple fuels.

Maybe you could start selling bark by the bulk then?

It takes a long time to get it for many of us and we hate it. Like me, never reached 60, would rather have other perks, and the pickaxe need repair material i do not easily have.

Lets start an economy and keep the exiled lands alive.

A machete would harvest bark and bone…

Hell… a scythe used the right way would strip bark from a tree in seconds by the handful…

They’ve got to come up with something to take the edge off that grind…

I even like y’alls idea of using soaked branches, or it being a by product of shaped wood (because there would be shavings/chips everywhere)

Simply adding the ability to place a thrall in the drying rack would help. My named tanner stopped me burning thru bark there, maybe a cook for the drying rack as it also dries meat?

i agree, bark should not be so hard to get, not harder than wood, that makes no sense.

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If thralls could be put on the drying rack I think that you should be able to put a cook or a carpenter thrall on the drying rack. If you want to dry food faster and with less bark being used up put the cook on the rack. If you want to dry wood faster and use less bark put the carpenter thrall on. Would the use of the grinder to make bark from like branches or something be a good idea? Possibly not that low tier grinder, maybe a improved grinder that could grind up wood or branches?

It would make sense to have bark as a by-product from making wood products at the carpenters table.

I’ve not had many problems hoarding bark as it drops frequently from the camps in the desert and can be harvested in decent amounts using the pick on the dead desert trees, but I can’t see any harm in having an additional source.