Draw shave tool. (bark)

Bark is integral to crafting important things, such as dryying out wood for black ice structures, and leather for pretty much EVERY kind of armor. but collection rates for it are low even with the best tool (pick) for it currently. I think that it’d be cool to have a draw shave tool such as this one… new users can’t post images… or links… really? (well, a google image search of “draw shave tool bark” will bring it up pretty fast.) this tool is designed for shaving bark from wood, a perfect tool for collecting bark no? and simple enough to include in Conan’s world. It could be a steel+ tier item like the sickle or cleaver, meant for people a bit further in.

It’s not that bad. You can get nearly 500 bark in 5 minutes. About half that time with 20 Survival.
Just depends on the quality of tool you use.

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Finding a lot of trees in one place on average official server is a problem those days :smiley:

I suppose it would be.
My preferred method is actually just to farm large settlements like New Asagarth so I can get other materials at the same time as bark. But I imagine those places are pretty busy too…