Dryers, Fluid press and Grinder

I’d like to see a thrall being able to be added to these to help a little bit with resource management or slightly increasing crafting yield from them. Given the types of resources gained from them the following would make sense.

Dryer: Cook or Carpenter

Fluid Press: Cook or Alchemist

Grinder: Cook or Alchemist


I was thinking that the grinder could be upgraded to a windmill with a grinding wheel inside, could use a thrall also.
Dryer could be upgraded to Dryer house.

Ooh, those are both really good ideas. +1 to improved Grinder/Windmill and Improved Dryer/Dryer House
As it is now, it’s just kinda odd to see a random stone grinder sitting on the floor of your tier three frost castle on the side of the volcano


If done, this would buff insulated prodcution. then their would have to be a serious rebalnce of black ice vs hardened brick T3 structures. It is already tilted effeciency wise, this would tilt it further. And in reality, these are extremely cheap to build, that you can compensate for the slow time by just having 10 of each if the process is too slow. Grinder and fluid press don’t burn fuel, and blue fish and human parts are 1 to 1 already. Grinding is high cost for salt, but gold and silver, the main stuff to grind, is relatively balanced as far as return of dust to farming time, 10 dust 3 gold or silver ore mined. Most that would want this are looking mainly at the bark and time of drying wood. Which circles back to, would need to re-balance Black Ice (nerf lol). It is easy to craft 100 foundations as it is.

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For the things that cost 1 - 1 I would not want a higher yield, but it would be nice to be able to speed up some of the process a little bit without having to take up extra space in bases and such. Plus you still would have to hunt for extra thralls. I generally have 1 thrall at eat crafting station. Granted I play in sandbox mode but I do that because I like exploring and such and would rather fight the environment and not have to worry later about one of my bases being destroyed. And the two types of structures you’re talking about both utilize different types of insulation. The only common part is steel reinforcements which uses none of these stations.

On a side note, maybe also add a slot for either a carpenter / armorer or blacksmith thrall at the dismantling bench, though that in my fortress I generally just leave the items gathered in until I need some of them. It just still feels weird to have these crafting stations vacant without a worker in them. Maybe if we add a thrall slot to them make it on an improved version to have the slot available and make them moderately expensive resourcewise to make to preserve balance.

A dryer for making dried wood?
Come on.
Drying wood takes a kiln. (I use to work at a lumberyard).

Maybe if you have something to grind… put it under the wheel of pain… there, grinding energy is free!!!
Always let a thrall inside to push the wheel…

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