Thrall Suggestion: Construction Thrall

There needs to be a thrall that can repair surrounding building pieces VERY SLOWLY. There are areas in my base where I can’t reach with a repair hammer without destroying a part of my base. Make it so that they repair 10% every hour or something and they need the materials in there inventory to repair pieces (Have it percentage based so it scales with building tiers). My base constantly takes 1-100 points of damage every other day, even though no one attacks my base, so it would be great if I could have a thrall do all the repairs for me. Maybe something like the Dancers aura but have it effect structures instead.

I could get behind this, but I would say make a thrall so it would make building pieces in a work bench of some kind. You could just load it up with material and set it to make whatever.

Maybe change crafting so tier 2 and 3, or just 3, can only be made in the crafting station. It would help with the clutter of crafting recipes at higher levels; but also the ability to hide recipes would be nice in general.

It would seem like you’d need an expert to make the black ice stuff… that may be going to far. I would like to load up stone, wood, etc into a bench and set to craft however many while I do other things. A thrall that would farm materials would be cool too. However they could be killed. You could set them to gather stone, wood, etc in an area around your base. Once they got enough they would come back to base, either waiting for you to get the mats off or they dump it into a designated container.

I would love to know how an area not accessible to your repair hammer got damaged

I would too considering my decay timer is 144 hours. I hate pulling out my hammer because all I see is the hammer icon on everything.

I’m not too big of a gathering thrall. Especially since they can’t interact with doors. I wouldn’t want my Thralls sitting on the outside of a base just for some random monster or player to kill it. But I see your point on going too far for needing a thrall to craft black ice stuff. (Side note: Black ice should be a little harder to make. Compared to Reinforced Stone, Black ice is SUPER EASY to make)

On pve they walk through doors. Not sure if that’s a glitch or whatever. Also, players can’t kill thralls anymore and they don’t shoot players, however, they do aggro on players and will follow then around. Hopefully that will be fixed. Yea it would seem like it should take a little more to craft black ice. They have the bearer thrall, which gives you the useful backpack, just wish he could carry more since that’s his duty. Have him follow you around and load him up like a mule.

Yep. Wish Bearer worked properly. But this is straying away from the original post so let’s just stop here and agree that there’s quite a few things that we hope make it into the game in future patches.