Building repair thralls


I would really like it if we could get thralls that would repair damage inside of buildings. This could work in conjunction with a repair supplies station like the one you use to feed thralls. That way you would still need to fill it with repair materials so its not free.

Running around with a repair hammer and trying to get to out of the way spots is a pain, and this could fix it.

They would not stop decay, just keep buildings and such from losing strength over time, and would be great to avoid seeing repair icons all over the place when you use a hammer.


Come on people, let’s get some more likes!


Engineer thralls?


I could get behind this but only if they buff Set/Gods and catapults. No need for repair thralls if you keep spamming foundation walls and god bubbles.


I like this. Give carpenter thralls hammers and access to a store of materials and let them take care of the small stuff. They should be too slow to be useful in a fight but good for tedious grunt work.


I think it would be fine as long as they work too slowly to impede a raid. I want it so I don’t need to run around with a hammer to fix lots of tiny decay


Solid suggestion. Two points!