Builder thralls and buildings workstations

-Would be nice to go hunting for new thralls.
-would be nice to have a specific workstations to put everything needed for the building pieces you want to craft
-would be nice if the thrall would improve the crafting speed of theses building pieces and also reduce the cost of materials needed (but not too much, a proper balance is of course needed).

This could allow the player to do other things when he has a lot of pieces to craft at once, especially for SP, where your crafting queue doesn’t keep on crafting when you’re off.

Ad reapar thralls so you dont have to go in whit the repar hammer for a over expensiv cost, the repar const is more then build 10 new walls…

Really?that expensive?
i remember having repaired a couple of damaged buildings piceces, and it was not that bad…
but also true i don’t repair a lot so i can’t be sure, your idea of “repairing thralls” might be nice then if i’m wrong :smiley: but don’t forget they should script these thralls to repair automatically then…which is not funcom’s biggest force :wink: