Thralls to stop overwhelming building constructions

After a purge we often find it very boring to inspect all our bases just to see which parts got damaged, let alone the problems reaching all those parts damaged! Why do not we have thralls to look for our bases? This way - in combination with the discussion about thralls and their limits - we made up for a new suggestion on thralls and their use.

Thralls should get the possibility to repair any structure around them (maybe the same radius they got fed by thrall feeding pots?). We players should only have to place the materials needed to repair foundations etc. into the thralls’ bags. This way we all would not have to look for our constructions and their condition. On the other hand only structures in close distance to the thralls should be allowed a longer time of decay (ranging between 8 and 10 days for example), while any other structure would decay within some hours.

In combination with a limited amount of thralls allowed (at the moment about 50 thralls being discussed) this change to the settings and the “duties” of thralls should be a way to limit the amount of constructions players can build or rather spam around the world. Having only 50 thralls at hand to maintain his structures (including their reparation) nobody would be able to build a wall from one end of the world to the other or any other structures so many players complain about. Of course this is no way to prevent any single structure, but it would prevent the massive and overwhelming amount of structures built by a single player or clan.

[Any numbers mentioned here are only examples and not written into stone of course. So please just discuss the suggestion itself at first and not the amount of thralls!]


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