Improved Carpenter's Bench Bark?

I was confused in my previous post whether or not the Improved Carpenter’s Bench was supposed to create bark when making shaped wood or not. I know the lower version was changed with the addition of the Improved Carpenter’s Bench, so that change is understood.

So - neither bench creates bark now? Is that correct? One really should in my opinion.

If I understand the testlive patch notes correctly, neither bench makes bark as a byproduct of shaped wood anymore. However, the improved bench comes with a new, seperate recipe for bark.

So from the sounds of it, if you have the improved bench then you can just take those logs you gathered and toss them into a wood chipper.


This is Correct Glurin. However, I DO NOT LIKE this new system. Before, we got bark and valuable shaped wood, for our 10 logs. Now we just get a lone bark for our 10 logs and this is terrible economy. I can safely say I’ll never use this recipe, now that I have tested it. It is quite pointless.

I’ve only tested with no crafter thrall on the bench, so maybe it is better with a thrall, which will help. If it drops down to 3 or 2, with a T4, then I’ll take back my disappointment.

I would really like the option to use both green or dried wood for this, or simply have the bark become a second byproduct of drying and have coal be used for drying fuel. We need a reason to keep those coal mines running :wink:

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Oh thank you!

That is really bad. It should be on a 1-1 basis in my opinion. Maybe 2 wood for every 1 bark at most.

T4 carpenter on the improved bench brings it down to 5 wood per 1 bark.

Ugh. That helps, but ugh. So 5-10 full logs get destroyed while shaving off the bark. What am I doing, smashing the logs with boulders to get bark?


That is on par with shaped wood.

10 to 1 without thralls

7 to 1 with T2/T3 thralls

5 to 1 with T4 thralls

But you shaped your wood, leaving a pile of bark. Now you just scrape a little bark off the logs and throw them away. For me in RL, throwing perfectly good things away feels completely irresponsible and I guess that carries over to games. That is why I absolutely love the two mods out there for recycling and salvaging. It just feels like the right thing to do. It may be inconvenient to drag all the loot junk home, but I do, so I can recycle it.

It is a strange thought, giving importance to digital recycling and waste, but at some point, it will probably become an important reality. Imagine all the kids growing up on digital content and if we are teaching them to just dispose of complete barkless logs, That will be their first thought in RL, when they get what they need from something.

I know you were specifically pointing out there equivalency of how much bark was gained from the same amount of logs, with various thralls and this isn’t directed at you, just my beef with the game in it’s lack of consideration for efficiency and wastefulness.

yeah, I agree. If they are going to make it this way then it should be 1 to 1. This just seems like such a waste.

With my T4 Carpenter on my Improved Carpenter’s Bench the 5 wood (logs) per 1 bark isn’t realistic at all. Though obviously we are in a fantasy world, some realism is required.

There are so many good things about the game, but this seems so out of par with what it was when we shaped wood into planks and got bark as a result - receiving two items - which made sense.

It should be more like 5 bark per 1 wood (log). That would be more realistic. It’s faster and cheaper not to waste the wood and just use your pick on all trees from now on making the hatchet obsolete (unless you need branches).

On one hand, getting bark while you made shaped wood was nice, but on the other hand… It was extremely easy to get inundated with bark, and to be fair, bark in and of itself has a number of uses from food for certain pets to fuel for not only your dryer and tannery, but for literally anything that required fuel, making it extremely easy to not only have a near infinite supply of fuel in the same process as making a required component for tier 2-3 construction. I could see why it’d be toned down.

That said 10 to 1 or 5 to 1 does seem like a bit excessive, I agree. Perhaps something more reasonable like 2 to 1, reducing down to 1 to 1 with a t4 thrall would be more in line. That way you still have to give up the wood, but not a mountain of it in order to get anywhere productive with bark. We’re going from way too easy to collect bark, to a little more difficult than it maybe needs to be… Because as someone else pointed out, these requirements seem to reinforce pickaxes as the way to go.

Wow thats a extremely bad ratio. Should be about 30-50 per 10 logs…
At least 10 to 10 resulting a t4 making 10 bark off 5 logs, which still makes no sense.

Then again I prefer dead trees just like zerog does.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for your suggestions. We’re listening and open to feedback, and that’s why we prefer to let you try these changes before they go live. :slight_smile:

I agree on that ! I loved the idea of bark/bi-product. Looks more natural to me. You work, cut and shape your truncs and woodstick, you become bark, or similar product. Not realistic, but immersive at least.
Spending now wood for bark, well, then it should not be to expesive, what seems be the case here. Maybe a littel balance to that ?

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