Carpenter bench no longer makes bark

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Carpenter bench doesn’t produce bark anymore. It used to make bark when making shaped wood.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Put wood in carpenter bench
  2. Make shaped wood

Yes you are correct, the carpenters bench no longer makes makes bark. Use the Improved carpenters bench to make bark.'s_Bench

Seriously? We have to get level 57 to get T1 resources?

Patch notes made it sound like it had its own recipe now, (wood type into bark) but not seeing it on basic bench…

and you need a fudge ton of it early on… I started new character, and its rarity from trees is frustrating…

and looking at improved bench later in menu, shows it does it… WTF…
why would yo screw low levels out of bark… you have to deforest so much land to get enough bark to even make tannery… let alone turn hides.

It was one of those, side effects of wooding, that feed tanning, which did tar, which feed another service you need. Fun circle of life crafting.

I’ve cut trees down, and bark falls off, its not hard to figure out how remove it. This isnt some lv57, level of smarts needed to do.

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haven’t mass farmed bark in a few weeks, as i have been busy building my private PVP server. But can you not still hit the dry trees in desert/set city area to get bark/dry wood? If not, then yeah, not a good move. But if yes, then i think it is a strategic way to force melee/conflict on PVE-C and PVP servers. Brimstone is one rare unique resource, bark would be the other due to tanning for tar, for steelfire.

Yes it has it’s own recipe now and the recipe is on the improved Carpenter’s bench only.

Brimstone hasn’t been to bad, Its underwater in few spots (limited already to pickup or 1 hit) it hasnt change much there, Most of caves have enough about. I walked out of Sinner’s with about 190. (most of time, the 400-600 you got before was over kill)

Bark has been a nightmare, I broke down and admin paneled me a few stacks.
Dry wood and other spots…its rare, and at start of game with crap tools you got 1-2 a pop.
Tanner cost to tan isnt to bad, so small amounts arent to harsh,
Dryer…a stack doesn’t even last long on x2 burn.

Chest and new loot drops, havnt gotten to many. And bearer packs havnt dropped any.
(enemies further north, Heirs or Mounds people drop it decently… little rough on lv10 trying make a tannery. XD

In addition to the bench not being available earlier, it takes 10 wood for for 1 bark? Sure, thralls reduce the requirement, but 10 to 1 to start? That’s ridiculous. Bark as a byproduct of shaped wood made sense. 1 wood for 10 bark makes more sense. Or, 1 for 10 with a named thrall, 1 for 3/4 with no thrall, on the standard bench. If you’re worried too much bark is available, increase the stack amount and decrease the burn time.

Make this make sense. It’s shouldn’t be that hard.

Have not tried yet after update.Does pick still produce bark?

Yes, it does. It used to be the only way to get meaningful quantities of bark, and now we’re back to that. Getting bark from shaped wood was added some time back, and now they took it back out. Easy come, easy go.

I do have to agree that “10 wood for 1 bark” seems excessive. Not from any real life perspective, since “1 unit of something” is a completely arbitrary amount and it’s impossible (and meaningless) to compare to reality, but from a gameplay perspective. I’d be much better off using a pick which gives me less wood, but bark as a byproduct. Then again, I’m all for being able to convert excess materials into scarce ones, even at a bad rate (looking at you, generic leather!).

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