Carpenter bench no bark

Game mode: [Offline Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug]

Carpenter Benches aint producing bark. Why? Are thralls required now? Is there a DLC I need to buy? Or am I just wetarded and the benches never produced bark to begin with?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Craft a carpenter bench
2.Add wood and make shaped wood
3.Ponder why no bark
4.Realize developers dont care enough

You need the enhanced bench I believe

What, you mean the Improved Carpenter Bench? Just cheated one in and made 30 shaped wood. Unless Im not seeing them for whatever reason Im not getting any bark.

There’s no bark from shaped wood. It’s a separate recipe in the improved bench that turns wood into bark and nothing else. Might have been called shave wood but I’m not in-game to check.

It’s not really worth it imo when you can use a pick on dead trees and logs for tons of bark.

since when was that a thing?

1.34 or so, You need to buy the actual feat for enhanced benches to use several of perks they offer.

Pickaxe on dead white trees gives bark now, Its hopfully something they change like dismantle bench, Way to high level for something you can could much earlier.

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