[Bug] Carpenter's Bench has Stopped Producing Bark

Title says it all.

With the testlive servers taken down yesterday and when they were restarted after what I assume is an applied patch, the carpenter’s bench has stopped producing bark from making shaped wood.

This was something vital to good changes made a while back and everyone was very happy with it.

I don’t know if this change is intentional or a bug/error.

Thank you.

It’s an intended change. You’ll need to research the Advanced Carpenter station and use its recipe. If you’re lower level, use the pick on the dead trees around Summoner’s, the Galleon and elsewhere.


Intended, but to my mind a mistake. Bark is needed from low level for tanning and drying, and it was always a bottleneck getting enough since harvesting a tree with a pick produces very little. Crafting shaped wood was essential to get enough bark - now that is effectively level locked to 57 … far too high imo.

Eh. It just changes bark back into a material that you have to put some thought into acquiring. I don’t personally mind that and never had much trouble acquiring the stuff when I was lower level.

Barnes is right too, you should be harvesting bark from dead trees, not living ones. You get way more per swing of the pick.

Remember that not all biomes have dead trees.

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That argument could be made of other materials as well. Can’t get brimstone easily in the North, can’t get ice in the south, Iron is scarce in some places, the trees up north provide resin better… etc… etc… etc.

That said, on the fence about this change. Admittedly before it was a thing, I survived. I did think it was a nice change when they made shaped wood add bark, but after a while I was like… holy crap, I am swimming in bark, lol. I probably could literally fill a lake with it…

I do have the improved Carpenter’s bench, but missed where that’s an advantage to get bark. I use a ton of bark because I always outfit my thralls with Epic Flawless Heavy gear (usually Warlords or Imperial).

Thus I’ve got to gather a LOT of hides/thick hides to get enough leather and thick leather to produce these. That’s my choice of course.

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