What to do with all that darn leather?

I’ve been hating the chests of leather and thick leather building up. I do use it for armors for myself and thralls, but there is just never enough use for leather to consume it. We all hate just throwing resources away, right? Well, I just started playing around with armor platings, thinking I could boost my thralls a tiny bit more. I’d never use for myself, because of weight issues, but thralls don’t care about weight.

Much to my pleasure, I discovered plating is just leather (thick and thin) and twine. Fiber and twine for light plating. So now I’m making 10k plates or so, which will really shrink my storage. Some plate I’ll save for thralls armors, some for later and the rest can just get trashed, once and for all.

Best part? Plating gives back a decent amount of exp!



I have a gold farm so that I can make alot of alchemical base, i use that + 2 leather and 1 thick leather to make the hardern leather for the level 60 armor (mind you thouse numbers are with named thralls in the benches)

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I do a ton of that as well. I think because of all my building, which requires tons of steel supports. Hides are the best way to get tar, used in making steelfire for turning the iron to steel. I’m honestly about to swap over to using oil for tar though. My oil production is going crazy right now, do to my fish farm overproducing beyond my expectations. Just need tons of raw ash to go with and if you farm for gold, you get lots of ash, so there is pretty good synergy.

Seems the ash amount has gone way down in the current testlive version, so that may not be as good of an option as I was hoping.

Keep in mind, the exp gained for armor plates is high and none for hardened leather, so if you craft it just to burn up your leather supply, if won’t give any benefits, unless you can use it all. If you outfit thralls with top end gear, then it is for sure a good use of the leather :slight_smile:

It’s quite realistic :slight_smile: I’m hunting for ivory, guess what I end up with.

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