How to get Tar other then making leather

Im trying to figure out how to get tar other then making tar. Currently im having to kill every mob in sight and turn all there hide into leather/thick leather and I wanted to know if there is another way.

You can produce tar with adding coal to the fluid press.

ya for 25 to 1, do you know any other ways? i looked on the wiki and it said things like ash and resin in a firebowl cauldron but its not a recipe or a thing that happens when you turn in on.

Have all your thralls start smoking at least a pack a day. They’ll start hacking up some tar for ya eventually.

Other than that, making leather is by far the most productive I’m afraid.


To get tar from resin+ash in a fire bowl cauldron requires a purge-spawned named alchemist according to the note on the wiki.

Unfortunately, the most efficient way is tanning.
Hint, don’t seperate any of the hide from the named versions on the armors table, except those that give thick hide. More bang for your buck that way :wink:

TBH, tar is only used for building (steel) and a few one of things like water well, so one good run for a solo player can get them set up with plenty to use. Plus you need the leather(s) for armor and some mid level tools.

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my single player base designed to deal with the purge (depending on how glitchy) is like 25 blocks long 4 blocks stacked and is two foundations thick with three layers of fence foundations, crenellations and out croppings. I have a chest full of Leather and another full of Bark. When building with Tier 3 it really can get to be a pain lol… that being said I choose my location knowing that. I am near an area with 30 animals that give Hyena Pelts or Croc hide. Takes 10-15 minutes with a Hyena Alpha Pet (I lucked out 3 pet tamed) I come back with 150-180 pelts with a iron skinning knife to make 1 to 1 in tar.

My area is also equally near 18+ coal nodes. Even with a upgraded Steel Picaxe I can’t mine enough coal at 25:1 to make it worth while I also don’t think I can get Oil, Raw Ash or, Resin at 10:1 to get to a pace similar to that of getting it from leather.

Eventually it is just easier farm the leather and just toss out any leather you have over about 2000 or so unless you are making a lot of thrall armor.


I get my hides from imps and imps kings, imps king give a lot of leathers with a skinning knife.

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If you have “Master Alchemist Rashida” you are able to craft i hink (from OIL and RAW ASH)

Best I’ve found is reptile hide one hide one tar quickest farm I found run noob river farm aloe an reptile hide hope that helps

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