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Hi i need some help according to the recipes of the firebowl cauldron you can make tar with raw ash and resin. but i am not getting the option in it even with a tier 3 and named thrall? am i missing something? need some advice please

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I got some info for you, you need a named thrall specific from The Purge event, if i am not mistaken.

Could be wrong, but you could try looking into that.

Hope this helps.

Im surprised you are supposed to be able to do that. But honestly i’m even more anyone would want to do this. It seems to be the absolute worst way to get tar?

Khafra the Mixer can do it. It appears on the special bar above the regular Firebowl Cauldron recipes. 5 raw ash + 5 resin -> 2 tar.

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that seems like the long way to get tar

Not if you’re up in the North by the volcano.

Resin drops easily off trees and I seemingly get a thousand raw ash every time I go to farm goldstone from obsidian nodes.

Meanwhile the only animal up there is a Sabretooth.

You’d end up with more tar off this method than using the tannery with the minimal amount of animal skin/hide you’ll get.

Total situational recipe though that you’d have no use for outside of the area near Road of the Pilgrim.


thanks man ill try it with the next Purge just have been waiting about 3 weeks now that mu purge bar is full and it hast happened again lol.

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thanks for the advise guys ill be trying them all. the reason i want to try it this way is coz we are in the north not far from the volcano so animals are not as mush as the raw ash we have in stock we got about 5000 raw ash so if it can be used it will be awesome