Excess leather you say?

Yes of course there is too much leather when we begin making tar to get steelfire. But sir this leather should BURN! All kinds of leather and silk should be a fuel. Silks should burn fast like grass and leather should burn like branches or even like bark - it really can give a lot of smoke.

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Be nice if we could turn them into thick leather with other ingredients like maybe oil. Soak it in oils like 20 leathers and 10 oils to make 1 thick leather? Through alchemy maybe? Leather with twine to make thick leather? Thin it out to make cloth.

As it is now the ground gets all of it! :thinking:

We could make tons of those tee-pee tents some thralls have up by the hand.

They come with a bed inside for a better, better bedroll! :thinking:
or a tiny base lol
Make leather tents or leather outfits/armor


Leather doesn’t catch fire, It will only get charred.
So no, it won’t work as fuel.

There’s been several suggestions for new things we could make with leather:

  • Fishing nets
  • Snare traps
  • Climbing rope

As a generic solution for abundant resources, I would like to see some trading mechanics.
E.g. merchants that would buy your stuff in Sepermeru.

Generic offerings to the gods could also be a thing.
E.g. Get a zeal for every 100 leather.


Best thing I’ve found woth leather is to use it to armor up thralls generally thick leather and steel make heavy vanir
Decent armor for thralls and that way I don’t have excess leather laying around

You’re talking about thick leather, not ordinary leather.

Sorry my bad

Guess there’s still lightarmor you can build with leather and iron if I’m not mistaken
Kinda sucks but it’s something

Well, if you craft epic medium and heavy armors for your thralls you will have a use for it.

Those of us too lazy or low lv to craft black ice insulated blocks should be able to cover the interior of our drafty old stone with leather for insulation. That or we could build yurts if we aren’t concerned about security.

Further south, we could make large tented coverings to bring down the temperature of our entire base.


Great idea! Someone already suggested some kind of rework for buildings just like those for armor and weapon. Why not leather?

I would love to be able to convert leather into thick leather, at just about any conversion rate (I’d take 100:1 and be happy, though it’d probably be considered extreme).

I mean, we can take that simplest of all materials: stone and (through refining in the furnace) use it to craft the highest tier of building.


I think leather strapped wood walls would be a cool idea for bottom tier or wood walls with stretched leather. Throw in some bees wax for extra waterproofing. So you could build wooden forts, towers and whatnot.

Large or small tents made out of leather and wood goes with the dessert right? I agree with the Temperature, rain waterproofing. An upgraded twine made out of leather would be cool too[leather twine]. Tired of gathering so much plant fiber yo!

How about a leather bag, you cannot lock, to store stuff early on which looks like the bag we create throwing stuff on the ground but leathery?

Thick or hardened leather I am on board with.

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Or, make more things, that in real life would require some leather, require some leather. I know, making crafting more tedious, just to help us get rid of our excess leather sounds dumb… But leaving tons of leather in bags on the ground to despawn is just unacceptable and breaks my immersion.:wink:

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No one else got like massive amounts of epic leather and a chest filled to the brim with those fittings (the stuff used for crafting medium armor?)?

If anything, please try to get creative about leather and blood in combo. You know, with players drowning in blood. :joy:

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Why don’t we use it to craft saddles for our mounts?

Oh… Wait a minute.




Saddle up Partner


Saddles are still a valid suggestion, it would just be cosmetic rather than functional.

A leather pouch that adds a few extra slots of inventory and a small boost to encumbrance would be useful.

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Ooh ooh I have an idea! How about a type of thrall that has a special backpack that lets him carry… the exact same amount as any other thrall!


How about cosmetic armors and whatnot for the pets we’re about to get???

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