Excess Leather Usage Ideas

Going to post this here. Just had the idea from another thread, figure it could be useful in the game.

It has to do with excessive amounts of leather and what can be done with it.

  1. Tents
    A small tent is like a 2x2 foundation in size. Flap acting like a door. You can set it up, dismantle and carry it around. It’s like a weak house. But you can survive inside during a sandstorm. Or use it as a tribal encampment.

A larger tent could be like a 3x4 longhouse design. Which would be more for a long term camp than anything else.

  1. Leather Foundation and Floors
    This is a normal foundation block with a top covered in leather furs, to act as a carpeting or plush bedding.

  2. Leather Corsets/Clothing
    Just throwing this one out there offhand, as slave clothing. Because who doesn’t want a slave in sexy leather.

  3. Leather Bin
    A Google search reveals a number of bugs will eat old and rotten leather. So craft a Bin, add in some agent to the leather. Maybe make it dark inside. But your leather rots and deteriorates, and you end up with bugs and insects. The way compost is generated in a Compost Heap, or dung is generated from the Animal Pens.

The bugs could then be used for something. Bait for the fish traps, bait for traps to snare birds in. Stuff like that. You could even grind the bugs into a cheap food for Thralls. Granted they no longer eat, as I understand it, except to get a buff, but still, it’s an option to get rid of your leather.

  1. Leather Bridge
    We get elevators, but that’s a bit advanced. Some might want something a bit rougher. You could craft a cable bridge with some metal for cables to hang it from. And use leather straps on the sides as a means to keep you from falling off the sides. And boards to walk on.

  2. Leather Ladder
    Normal ladders are fine, but it might be interesting if you made a leather strap version that could be placed like a normal ladder against a solid wall. You just have a loop of leather that you can hang onto with hands and stick your feet in.

If mounts ever did become an option in the game, you could take leather and cure it to be waterproof, and make a leather canoe to ride in on water.

Most of these ideas are more about immersion, in that they are something already mechanically in the game, just presented in a different way. The heavy use of leather for a lot of things could let people play more of a tribal culture like the Native Americans, working with hides and wood rather than stone and brick.

I love this idea especially the tents

The shade poles/cloth are close, but a full on tent would be a great addition to the game. And probably a standard thing for travelers to be carrying.

It could work like a bed roll and become a spawn point when placed, could even offer protection from the cold if placed next to a fire?

Yes, or have a tent large enough to have a fire pit in the center. Some Native American ones have those.

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